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Thread: Secrets of CSA

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    the 30 minute session with the personal there any fee?

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    The bast secret is hidden in plain sight = the staff. Take time to get to know some of them. CSA has many beautiful things to offer its guests. The people who work there may be the most beautiful.

    Take some time and talk to Jimmy the Bead Masta. He is a treasure indeed, especially if you think of yourself as being on a spiritual journey. If not, he's still interesting and makes beautiful jewelry.

    Floating in the main pool in the afternoon is amazingly peaceful.

    After you've made a couple baskets Nigel may let you add beads to your design. They are an extra and you need to pay him for them but it's great fun.

    Lemongrass aromatherapy massage may change your life for ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanandsarah View Post
    In the sports complex activity guide they have a couples massage class. I had always wanted to try it but never took an hour of our previous trips to try it. A couple of weeks ago when we were there we gave it a whirl and it was really neat! There was only one other couple with us, so the massage therapist was able to give us one on one instruction and we learned a lot! Now we both know how to give a "real" massage! Loved it!
    Great Tip! Is the class included (free) or do you remember what the cost was? This sounds fun!

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    We just got back from CSA a couple of weeks ago and loooooooooved it.
    My Secret is this: Get to know the staff. Not just their names and faces, but really KNOW them. I LEARNED sooo much from the staff, about their lives, their families, their dreams and wishes. I think it really added to our experience. It was an amazing dose of reality while in a fantasy land of a resort as beautiful as CSA.
    Talk to Dwight (a bartender at the night club), all of the Entertainment staff: Andrae, Morissa (she taught me so much), Omar and Skippy. Jonnoy (he was training as a bartender) Cindy over at Patois (her dream is to see and feel snow.) Eduardo (at the bamboo bar by the wedding gazebo) he's great for a laugh, but he is so much more than that) and there are sooo many more. The staff really touched us and we came back with an edcucation as well.
    OH YEAH! if you are going to do any excursions, I pray that you are lucky enough to get Ever Ready as your driver. He was Simply Amazing. He gave us a history of the culture, he pulled over and bought us local fare from the side of the road (this in itself was unbelievable, sad really).
    We just left with such an amzing experience. I LOVE the People of Jamaica. "Always Wear A Smile. We don't people to see our troubles and worry, so we Smile and Keep Our Head Held High" (told to me by Morissa of the Entertainment staff)
    Sorry if this was drawn out (I could serioulsy type about our experience forever)
    Have a Great Trip!!!

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    Not a secret but something people don't think about...if you wear glasses and your vision without them is not that good invest in a prescription snorkeling mask at dive or sports shops in your area. My wife was amazed at all the things she had missed seeing before getting these.
    There are 3 snorkeling sites at CSA so have them take you to the "Mexico" site. Far more fish as well as a cannon and anchor.
    The Seven Mile Beach is public along the waters edge so you can take strolls from end to end checking out resorts, restaurants,and shops along the way. A little way north of the resort you have to follow a small foot path to get by some trees. Keep going to see everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassie F. View Post
    Great Tip! Is the class included (free) or do you remember what the cost was? This sounds fun!

    Cassie F. the class is completely free! You should definitely try it out sometime!

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    I presume the croquet is located at the sports complex?

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    haha we always use the lap pool bc of that exact reason, no one EVER uses it! hahaha...its so relaxing and peaceful over there during the day

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    Definitly the Martini Bar upstairs at Palms, best drinks all around esp the chocolate martini ...

    Always get to know the staff, they will cater to you, and they always remember you when you return...always..


    Cats and kittens in the can usually see them strolling the resort. We had some living right outside our room one year and they greeted us daily.

    Oh onion rings at pool grill, they arent usually on menu but they are yummy!

    If you sit close to stage at Palms, you might not be sitting for too long!

    The whole resort is beautiful and lush, strolling at night is very romantic just be sure to spray off lol!

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    Love this thread!! Can not wait to put together a "must do" list for our first trip to CSA (in 179 days 22 hours & 1 min.) based on this thread!! A BIG thank you to everyone for sharing your secrets!

    Looking forward to being Swept Away starting October 21st!

    ~Deb & Rick~

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    All these tips are great. I would like to stress seeing Ultimate Chocolate (Blazing Piano). He's fantastic. Also, if you like cream in your coffee, ask your waiter/waitress to bring you some rum creme for your coffee! Delicious!!!

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    Sweet potato chips at the veggie bar
    Jamaican Diavola pizza at Patois for lunch ( only served on certain days)
    Ask for a handmade piña colada instead of from the machine, or just ask the bartenders to make something for will not be disappointed and you might get to name it
    Get to know the staff, I promise that is the most amazing gift Couples has to offer
    Oct 2005, Dec 2006/Jan 2007, March 2008, Dec 2009/Jan 2010, June 2010, June 2011, June 2012, July 2014

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    You're going to've already found the secret. I stumbled on it by accident in 2001. The best advice I can offer is to relax and not worry about doing everything in your first trip. You will be back.

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    If it's hot outside, ask for a table under a fan when you dine at Patois or Palms. It's much cooler!

    They have special smoothies each morning at Patois. Try them!

    If you sit near one of the beach bars you get a flag to put in the sand when you need a drink. They'll also bring around fruit skewers and cold wash cloths once in a while during the day.

    Support the local vendors. They trek up and down the beach in the sun and heat all day to make a few bucks and support their families. Haggle only if you really think you need to. Do you really need to save $1 on that bracelet? It's a great way to collect souvenirs and meet nice people. I especially loved paying the musicians to play a few tunes with the steel drums. It's what it's all about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaica97 View Post
    Go to watersports, as soon as, they open (must be a calm morning) and kayak down toward the Long Bay Beach Park a little past Beaches. There is an area with no beach and it is somewhat rocky. If the water is calm, you will see the most amazing variety of rays, starfish and other sea life without even getting in the water. I've taken my water camera submerged it from the kayak and snapped some of the most beautiful photos. We even had dolphins with us one year.
    Never heard of this before - will have to remember this tip when we're there in August!

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    love this thread!!!

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    My husband and I will be at CSA for the first time in 2 months and 12 days!!!

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    Default Secrets of CSA

    In March an area near the tennis courts was being prepared for miniature golf. Hope it'll be ready for your visit.

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    Hit the grill for a latenight snack. They fix local food for staff that'
    s not on the menu and are happy to share. It is awesome.

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    Those of you with fridges in the room can talk to the staff on changing up what you want delivered each day. Such as more bottled water and less pepsi. Which brings to mind, if you are a coke drinker you better buy some on your way to resort. Only pepsi is stocked. Or at least that is how if was 2 years ago.

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    We returned from CSA June 6th. It was our first visit to Jamaica and Couples. I wish I read this thread before going!!! Nonetheless, we still had the time of our lives and can't wait to return!

    BTW, when dining at Feathers, don't be afraid to ask for ALL of the hot appetizers on 1 plate to share! This is not necessary at Lemongrass because they have an appetizer "sampler-for 2" on the menu.

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    Fantastic thread...I can't wait until Sept 7 to arrive at CSA. Went to CSS last year, so we're really looking for to this trip, and this thread makes for excellent things to look forward to :-)

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    9 more days.... Love this thread! I only get to be in paradise for 4 nights --but, grateful for each minute... With such limited time, what are the things I MUST see/do?? We plan on staying pretty close by.. no big excursions. I really want to do the catamaran cruise.. what else??

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    Default Simple favorite activities

    Look for the Callabasa Pumpkin Soup : Feathers
    Dive on Deep Plane off Hedonism
    Have the Dive Boat Captain chug by Hedonism little Beach
    Search out Elvis on the CSA beach: no problem mon
    Pick up the Squash game at 10am with the Pro
    Try a piece of Jackfruit at the veggiebar
    Get to know Ultimate Chocolate and the blazing piano
    Savor Sunday morning Ackee and Saltfish at Palms
    Nature hike the sports track
    Hike the shoreline to Cosmos Beach Bar sign with a camera
    Chat with "Mighty Bassman" ( beach advertiser) request his Jamaican jokes
    Martini Bar?: try a Lychee Martini
    Don't miss the bonfire night beach party
    Bring your own style/size white T shirt to tie-dye class
    Request Lionfish as app at Feathers
    Buy Busha Brown Jerk season in the gift shop as gifts

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. This may have been mentioned and I missed it but can you para sail, zipline, rent ATV or jet ski?
    9 days and counting! In my mind I'm already there.

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