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Thread: Secrets of CSA

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    You can do all the above, all are not included but Elvis can set you up with most with exception of zip lining but resort can help u with that.

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    Got back a week ago from our first trip. My secrets would be...
    1. The Sports Complex, we sat over there one whole day drinking watermelon infused water and laying by the pool (there were only 3 other couples there all day!)
    2. The Martini Bar...Try the lemon drop and don't believe Dwight when he tells you it's his first night working.
    3. The Soups, never had one I didn't love, but the Cauliflower/White Bean at Feathers was amazing.
    4. At the Sunset Bar order a Booty Call, you won't be sorry.
    5. And it should not be a secret...GET TO KNOW THE STAFF...the housekeepers, the bartenders, the sports hut people, all of them.

    This trip was amazing, I made new friends, fell in love with the island and the people!

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    Put on suntan lotion more the 1 hour before entering the water, otherwise it comes off and potentially damages the ecosystem, and increases you chance off sunburn.

    Get a waterproof camera, or a water proof bag / container for your camera (DiCaPac works great).

    If you want a palapa to sit under at the beach... you can get one most days BEFORE 8AM and AFTER 3PM.

    Always give room number to security when going up or down the beach out of the resort.

    The security guys get to know the vendors and will occasionally offer you advise/ warnings about purchases made along the Couples section of the beach.

    Walk South toward Negril, go into the shops along the way and visit the "vendors"... be patient and friendly and they will be too. "No thanks" works just fine.

    If you like Coconut Rum in drinks... get them early... the bars (most if not all) run out of Coconut Rum before dinner.

    Have a Bob Marley shot... just remember it's equal to 3-4 shots of 80 proof. 1 is good, 2 is pushing it, 3 and you may fall down.

    If your not sure about something ask.... ask a guest, ask the staff, ask security, ask the driver, ask the tour person, etc. Generally speaking nobody will necessarily tell you how to do some stuff unless you ask. Not sure if they assume you already know or not, for first timers it can be a challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rckbert View Post
    *Take the resort tour when you arrive. Very informative and a good chance to meet your first new friends.
    That's the best way to learn a lot of the secrets, especially on the Sports Complex side across the road. Behind the squash/racketball courts were some splendid trees, plus there was the garden they use to grow a lot of the herbs used there. Mind you, that part's not the most attractive area, but it is interesting!

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    This is a great thread. My fiance and I will be going to CSA from August 17-27 for our honeymoon and we cannot wait. This will be our first time there so all of these replies are helpful. I actually had a quick question if anyone knows - Can you pick which floor you stay on or is it just random with what ever is available?


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    I just looked at this thread for the first time. Thanks to all for lots of great advice! My hubby and I have stayed in Negril before but never at Couples, so we are so excited for our first trip to CSA next week!!

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    Once you get to the resort you can request a certain floor and if it's available they will put you there. You just have to wait until you get there to request it. You are going to love CSA. It's awesome.


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    Make sure to visit the garden on the sports complex side. Couples grows all there own herbs and spices as well as some fruits and vegetables. The garden is spectacular and it's pretty awesome to see all the love and care that goes into what they serve.

    2 months & 2 days til CSA!!

    JA Junkies
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The Private Cruise! Pay the extra money and do it if you can. You get a boat, a captain and a first mate for two hours. You can do what ever you want or go where ever you want. They bring some snacks and drinks and they treat you like royalty. We had them take us snorkeling so we could get some quality snorkeling time and personal attention. Raymond was our Captain and Delron was our guide in the water, pointing out different plant life and fish. It was our favorite thing we did while at CSA. We even got to snorkel in some caves! I think the whole trip was $120 for both of us. It was so worth it!

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    Too late, but here are a few more.
    1. Ask housekeeper for a mosquito candle for your patio.
    2. Be and act appreciative to everyone there.
    3. bug repellant

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    Fish Tacos! Fish Tacos! Fish Tacos!!!!!

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    We take one night and go have dinner at Ivans, it is at Shooting Star Resort. Its an absolutely beautiful view and perfect place to have drinks, dinner, and watch the sunset. Its right on the other side of the cove from Ricks so you have a great view of Ricks and you get to see the boats that come into the cove. The food is great and so is the service, they are soooo nice . Last year right at sunset we had a dolphin jumping around in the water. It was amazing. You have to make reservations and they will pick you up. The pick up is free and they charge $5 a person to take you back. Its about a 15 minute drive. Just call the operator from your room and she will connect you to the resort to make the reservation. Make sure you take the time to look at the photo albums at the bar, there is a great story behind the place. We dont really leave the resort much any more except to hit our favorite jerk place for lunch one day and then to go to Ivans for dinner one night. We make sure we go every trip. You wont be disappointed.

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    I LOVE this thread. This will be our first vacation EVER and will be at CSA Sept 8-15. We are so excited, cannot wait! We will be here for our wedding and honeymoon. It's great to hear everyone's experiences and tips. When we were booking I wanted to stay one more extra day and my Fiance was worried about getting bored- boy I am glad we decided to stay that extra day. Sounds like so much fun things to do. Less than 4 more weeks and we will be having the time of our lives. Looking forward to meeting some of y'all! Thank you for sharing all of your tips and secrets

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    Richey, Congrats!! We will be at CSA from 9/3-9/11 so maybe we will meet up.

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    I had to bump this because its a great thread and I am going on my first trip to CSA on the 21st with my new bride for our honeymoon

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    Thanks for all the great info! We got married at CTI in January but I would like to spend our 1st Anniversary at CSA. All of these insider tidbits will help me convince my hubby to try CSA. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaica97 View Post
    Go to watersports, as soon as, they open (must be a calm morning) and kayak down toward the Long Bay Beach Park a little past Beaches. There is an area with no beach and it is somewhat rocky. If the water is calm, you will see the most amazing variety of rays, starfish and other sea life without even getting in the water. I've taken my water camera submerged it from the kayak and snapped some of the most beautiful photos. We even had dolphins with us one year.
    I'm really looking forward to trying this next week. I do hope the weather and water cooperates so we can!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel&Ness Green View Post
    We returned from CSA June 6th. It was our first visit to Jamaica and Couples. I wish I read this thread before going!!! Nonetheless, we still had the time of our lives and can't wait to return!

    BTW, when dining at Feathers, don't be afraid to ask for ALL of the hot appetizers on 1 plate to share! This is not necessary at Lemongrass because they have an appetizer "sampler-for 2" on the menu.
    Also ask for the dessert sampler so you can taste all the desserts too!! :-)

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    I love this thread! We've been to Couples 6 times, 4 to CSA...and I have still copied/pasted a full page worth of "secret" tips to try next summer!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    Check out the Crabs in the stream under the bridge on the path near Patois

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    Take a walk at night through the resort after dinner and smell the night blooming jasmine.
    Take a garden tour across the street by the sports complex.
    Dinner at Lemongrass is amazing, book it twice if you can.
    Breakfast at Patios is the best. Go there every morning.

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    Wow! Great thread!! Lots of things to check out in 69 days!! Cant wait Can someone tell me how far ahead you can book the restaurants that require it? Thanks.

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    first drink must be a dirty banana!!!

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    have breakfast delivered and eat on your patio, fresh fruit, yogurt, and the best coffee on the planet perfect start to any day )

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRM View Post
    Wow! Great thread!! Lots of things to check out in 69 days!! Cant wait Can someone tell me how far ahead you can book the restaurants that require it? Thanks.
    As soon as you arrive and are checked in you can make restaurant reservations

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