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    Default Secret Rendevous Question re: Hotel Sold Out

    Hi Everyone

    My husband and I have stayed at all four Couples Resorts and are considering booking a Secret Rendevous for April. I checked availability at both Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away and both show "no availability" during our travel dates. I have also verified this on other travel sites and consistently show no vacancy.

    Therefor, am I safe to assume that if booking Secret Rendevous I will be assigned Couples Sans Souci or Couples Tower Isle. I love both these properties so this would be idea.

    In short, if a resort shows no availability, is there a possibility I could still be assigned to this hotel for a Secret Renevous package?

    Thanks for your help everyone!


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    Your chances are always better that you will get CTI or CSS. They are the ones that are less likely to have true 100% occupancy on any given week.

    Now with that said, Couples generally will hold back a few rooms just to avoid overbooking issues and will use these rooms for any last minute issues. Just because a site says a resort is sold out this does not always really mean it is sold out.

    Trying to determine WHICH resort you are likely to get prior to the 7 days on the SR is simply an exercise in futility. It is my understanding you may even be changed after the 7 day time frame....though I may be mistaken on that.

    Personally I could never do the SR. The not knowing would drive me NUTS

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