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    Default Bars closing time CSA ?

    Please could some confirm the closing time of the Bars at CSA? I have just read a post on TA stating the bars close at 11PM . Surely this can't be right and I know that TA can be negative at times
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    The beach bars and pool bars close around 6:30pm; to early if you ask me.
    Bars in/by the resturaunts close 11ish
    Bar in the Aurua lounge stays open till the last person leaves, we've been there till 2 am danceing and drinking the night away.

    And you can always make a drinks in your room and take it with you to sit to on the beach or late night hot tub time. You won't go thristy at CSA!!!!

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    The piano bar turns into a night club and stays open until the last person leaves. I believe.

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    I honestly don't know what time they all close even though I just got back from CSA but they do close. The beach bars (Bamboo and Sunset) close at sunset (6:30ish). The Palms entertainment is over at 11 and the Palms "shuts down". Patois and the martini bar probably "shut down" around then too but the Aura lounge is open!! Plus you will have your mini bar in your room so if you don't want to go the AL you can just stay "home" for the night

    I never really made it past 11 PM outside my room...long days lounging in the sun, listening/watching the ocean, having drinks, fruit kabobs, and cold wash cloths delivered to my beach chair were all very tiring! LOL!!!!! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Martini bar open until 11:00 pm I think, The Aura Lounge is open til the last people leave

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    The Aura Lounge closes when the last guest leaves.
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    Thank you to everyone for your answers... Can anyone answer regarding the sports bar or is it 11 as well?

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