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    Default Birthday Cakes At Couples

    Has anyone ever bought one of the birthday cakes that the couples resort offers? I am taking my boyfriend to CSA for his birthday in THREE days and was wondering if anyone has ever used one of the couples cakes. The hotel said that they start at 30 dollars and I have to wait to get to the hotel to pick one out. So excited for this vacation! And any advice would be great, this is our first time anywhere Caribbean.

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    Would love to to know any info you get on this or how it goes once you get there - we will be celebrating 2 people's birthdays' while we are there. Hope it turns out amazing!

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    I was wondering the same. We will be at CN for my husband's birthday in mid May....
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    We bought one for our friend Jim's birthday for several years. They're pretty nice, and decorated nicely. Be sure and remind the staff at the restaurant when you enter (on the sly), or they can forget.

    If you don't want to spend the $$ for the plate, ask if they will just decorate a dessert plate. Sometimes, the desserts offered on the menu are really good, and you don't want the cake itself. They decorated a plate with a chocolate mousse dessert for him one year, and it was perfect - no leftovers.

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    Oh I would love to know too! We arrive the day after my birthday and I LOVE birthday cake!

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    My wife ordered my birthday cake before we arrived at CSA. She reserved a dinner at lemongrass for us that night ahead of time and told them to bring the cake out. It was chocolate cake with white icing. It was probably 8" wide. Very good but we didn't eat much of it an it took up all of our fridge space all week.

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    Just a hint for you guys on what to do with your leftover cake. We had the whole top tier left of our wedding cake and gave it to the lifeguards. They LOVED it! I can't believe how happy it made them. So why not share with the staff?

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    We had the vow renewal cake which had lots of rum in it, white cake with several layers inside with a fondant icing. It was actually really good. Also for the day of our anniversary they sent a choc cake with the white fondant icing and it was very good. Needless to say, we didn't eat all that cake but my son, his wife and the two of us did enjoy what we ate and they were decorated very nice.

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    I had one at CSS a couple years back. My husband made all the arrangements, contacting guest services both before our trip and after we arrived to make sure all was arranged. They brought it to me after dinner. It was chocolate and decorated with my name on it. It was a great surprise

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    So...instead of buying the cake I took two number 2 birthday candles and when we went to lemongrass that night I had taken the team leader aside and asked him to decorate the dessert plate and put the candles on it, he said no problem and seemed excited. Dessert came and there was no candles or anything, I was so dissapointed but I did not say anything because I did not want my boyfriend to know since it did not work out. Was very dissapointed but at least in the morning of his bday he got this suprise....


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