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    Default How do I register for Romance Rewards when I booked through..

    a travel agent?

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    Even though it's through a travel agent, you are still booked through the resort. I don't remember what you need to sign up for Romance Rewards, but any info you can get by callikng the 800#.

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    To register for Romance Rewards, scroll to the very bottom of this page and click on the Romance Rewards link. The RR program is designed to reward returning guests, so if this is your first trip to Couples, you won't receive any of the benefits given to repeat guests, but you will be able to take advantage of the Trading Places program and visit another resort.

    When you sign up, you'll receive a RR number, which you will provide at check-in. After your vacation has ended, points will be added to your account based upon the number of nights stayed at the resort, and you will receive RR perks based upon those points during your next stay at any of the Couples Resorts.
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    Same way everyone else does... on the Couples website. This has nothing to do with HOW you book...

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    On the Couples home page at the bottom click on romance rewards.

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    Just click on Roman Rewards at the very bottom of every page
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    Go to the Couples Resorts web page and take the link at the bottom of the page to the romance rewards page. Here's a link to that page: From there select "New Member Sign-in" and sign up.


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