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    Default $$$$$ Question CSA

    This may seem like a silly question.

    I know that virtually everything we could need at the resort is included in the price. Can someone give me an idea of what any off-site excursions cost? My wife wants to get an idea of what to bring money wise. Thanks!

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    we have been quite a few times, i always take along $500 in small bills 20 and less, if you buy something from the vendors or walk the beach some small bills works, you can always use your credit card if the need arises, have fun

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    thanks Clawmaster, is there still a Black river Safari, Falls, and Appleton rum estate tour available, I thought I read somewhere it was only available on certain days but could be booked through the resort?

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    I agree with waynef. That would work well. And you can't have too many singles and fives on the way through airports, etc. It's no fun to be in a tip situation and having a pocket of 20s. (yet another reason why Couples is low stress...)

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    Shartalin -

    All of those excursions are, indeed, available. I believe most are available everyday, although I do seem to recall that the Appleton Estate is closed to tours on Mondays.

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    Thank you so much for your advice!!!

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