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    I have read about people taking gifts to the housekeepers since there is a no tipping policy, my queation is will we only have one housekeeper during the 5 days we are there if not how many will we have, would hate to leave anyone also what type of theing d people take as gifts and is housekeeping the only staff prople do that for? We are going to cti in 17 days for our first trip to couples and jamaica, needless to says we are anxiously counting down the days till paradise.

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    We took small gifts on both of our trips to CSS. The first year we took small travel sized bath products and makeup items for the cleaning ladies and the second year we took nice chocolates (these were very popular for some reason). We usually had the same person for the morning cleaning and then a second for turn down service. We would leave a small gift every other day or so on the bed with a note before we went to the beach in the morning and again in the evening before dinner. I suggest if the gift items is anything substantial, leave a note so that the staff member does not get accused of stealing from guests. I also found that the notes of thanks were just as appreciated as the small token gift.

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    Depending on the timing of your stay, you may have 2 different daytime housekeepers (I'm not sure of how their shifts work, but I know we had 2 different people over 10 days). Also, I seem to remember that the evening turn down service came in as a team of 2....Hope this helps....

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    We brought a 10 lb bag of Hershey kisses!! Everyone seems to really enjoy chocolate! We brought small ziploc bags and by our last nite we probably had 5 lbs left so we went crazy passing it out! Bartenders, waitress', the guys raking the beach in the am, everybody! They all said the same thing. "Thank you thank you thank you" and "my kids will love it!".

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    The girls LOVE chocolates. In November, we took a variety, Lindor truffles, KitKats, Snickers, Whoppers, Hershey Kisses, etc, and even mixed in some Twizzlers and stuff. In 10 days in Bldg 3, we had Shellian most of the time, but she did have a day or two off mixed in there, and Hytasha came over from Bldg 6. They were both very appreciative and both made comments to us about it. Last year, Couples changed up the staff scheduling, so you may or may not have 2 different housekeepers, depending on how their schedules coincide with yours.

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    Thanks you've helped a lot. I will pick up a few things, pack and we will be ready for our trip. 15 days but who's counting? I think that would be me counting

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    Since most of the staff have children we put together a ziplock bag with a few school supplies. A few pencils, pens, notebook and maybe some crayons. Use your imagination. School supplies are very expensive there so anything will help. We always put a note in the bag in case there are any questions. Everyone we have given these to have been thrilled. We also bring M&Ms small candy bars. It seems that no matter whether you bring something or not you will be treated like royalty!

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    We are brining a bunch of Easter candy with us and we found cute little Easter candy bags at Target. We will leave these with a nice little Thank you note.

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    I brought makeup kits and makeup bags that I'd receive during the year as gifts with purchase (at Lancôme or Bobbie Brown), perfume samples, bags of Hershey Kisses and Miniatures, and large packs of Twizzlers. I'd always write a note and sign it, otherwise the staff can't take them home.

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