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    Default Three out of Four - Should we do one more?

    My wife and I have been to CSA, CN, and CSS on several occasions over the last 9 years. We are planning to go to CTI in 2013.

    We renewed our vows at each of the resorts the first time we went there, not just because we were going there for the first time but for many different reasons. I recently put together a collage of some photos that capture each ceremony... every one as different as the resorts are from one another. Now that we have gone this far, the question is whether we should make it a "home run" and renew our vows at CN, making it Four out of Four?

    Has anyone ever done this? What do you all think... should we or shouldn't we?
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    Only you can answer that question. Props for the beautiful memories you have made so far! Personally, we ALMOST made plans to renew our vows for our 40th at CTI, but when it came right down to it, we didn't want to spend the $ nor take the time away from Island time! If it is that important to you, go for it~

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    Thanks for the input. We have loved every ceremony at each of the other three, but I dont want to do this one "just because."

    My wife also pointed out that on the original post I asked about vows at CN, but obviously I meant CTI for our "fourth"

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    just curious...around how much was it each time to renew your vows? I think this is such a cute idea

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