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    Default Tough question.....even tougher answer!!!!!!

    Which is tougher?

    To ONLY name 3 things(other than incredible staff) you like about your favorie Couples Resort OR to try

    and name 3 dislikes??????

    I tried...I failed....I do not care...I love Couples....trip #8 to CN this June 27 to July 7, 2012. Maybe this trip I'll find 3 things I don't like...(DOUBT IT!!!!!!)

    IMHO solving Rubik's cube is easier than answering this question!!!!

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    Agreed. I just threw out the first 3 things that came to mind for that thread. Racking my brain over the 3 "best" things only reminds me that I am not there. Painful, I tell ya!

    3 dislikes:

    1) NOT being there right now
    2) NOT finding out about Couples sooner
    3) The damn complainers! ("Oh, woe is me... I saw a chipped pool tile..." - whoopity-freakin-doo!)

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    It seems pretty universal that we can all agree on the fact that we all love Couples. Doesn't matter which one. It's the idea of Couples, it's the foundation on which the overwhelming success of the company has been nourished on.
    How all the guests are treated by all the staff.
    I think that for the average vacation goer to the average places such as beaches, amusement parks, restaurants, here in the states and elsewhere, are not treated the way all of us are treated at Couples. Whether we have been there once or many times. The treatment is consistent. If anything, over the accumulative years, we are able to get to know many of the staff on a much more personal level. That's why each time we return, we always feel as though we are coming home to family and friends. Simply marvelous.

    I bet that many of the guests who have stayed at Couples over the years, would possibly find things that they didn't like or that needed fixing or cleaning or something if they were at your average vacation destination.

    But when staying with Couples, a lot of the "picky" things that lots of people can find fault with, are simply overlooked or found to be so insignificant, it isn't worth mentioning. We are more accepting of many things while we are there. We are more pampered. We are more relaxed and chilled out.

    It's a phenomenon that just doesn't exist anywhere else, that I know of. Travelers have been to other places, and the single biggest complaint they all seem to have is, it wasn't Couples. It certainly isn't.

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    Tough question! Of course there are so many good things it's hard to list just three but I'll try. But even tougher to list three bad things.
    Likes at Swept Away:
    1. Walking for miles on the beach,
    2. Enjoying our early morning room service tray on our verandah,
    3. Evenings with Ulti at the piano.
    Dislikes at Swept Away:
    1. Leaving,
    2. Leaving &
    3. Leaving!

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    Three dislikes about Couples:

    1) The long wait between when we book to when we get there
    2) Leaving the resort
    3) The long wait between leaving the resort and getting to book again

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    Three dislikes
    1)Having a substantial credit at another adult only all inclusive due to being at the family version and deciding to use the credit vs going to couples
    2)Having nightly visions of going home to couples and waking up homesick
    3)Losing triple o credit

    Three likes
    1)Going home
    2)No more homesick feelings
    3)Reading threads and feeling the vibe that only comes from couples

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