I did a search before posting this and did not get any results, so I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed earlier,

Has there been any mention of creating an app for the couples resorts? there might be one for iphone, I would not know because I have android, but i could not find one in the market.

It think this would be a great resource to both the resort and its patrons. I created a list below of potential items that could be included to provide greater access to information between Couples and their guests.

Maybe something for the future is already in the works but i would think that this would serve as a great tool.

Current Weather Report/Inclement weather notification
Notification on booking specials
Updates on activities (ex. cancellations, additions)
Guest/Couples upload real time images/comments
Spa Services Listings
Access to couples message board
Access to rewards points balance
Phone/email contact listings
Area activity guide
Karma Sutra Guide (for the more adventurous )

If you can think of any other additions please share!

I in no way support or condone the usage of mobile phones while on vacations e.g. tropical paradise.