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    Default Couples App?

    I did a search before posting this and did not get any results, so I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed earlier,

    Has there been any mention of creating an app for the couples resorts? there might be one for iphone, I would not know because I have android, but i could not find one in the market.

    It think this would be a great resource to both the resort and its patrons. I created a list below of potential items that could be included to provide greater access to information between Couples and their guests.

    Maybe something for the future is already in the works but i would think that this would serve as a great tool.

    Current Weather Report/Inclement weather notification
    Notification on booking specials
    Updates on activities (ex. cancellations, additions)
    Guest/Couples upload real time images/comments
    Spa Services Listings
    Access to couples message board
    Access to rewards points balance
    Phone/email contact listings
    Area activity guide
    Karma Sutra Guide (for the more adventurous )

    If you can think of any other additions please share!

    I in no way support or condone the usage of mobile phones while on vacations e.g. tropical paradise.

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    Couples needs a Countdown to Paradise widget!!!!

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    Before everyone jumps on me (my GF actually pointed it out.... which surprised me!)

    I know... I know... Kama Sutra

    I'm sure there are plenty of "masters" on here that I might have offend

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    Quote Originally Posted by E$ View Post
    I in no way support or condone the usage of mobile phones while on vacations e.g. tropical paradise.
    I agree! I lock my phone in the safe when I get there and never look back. It's one of my favorites parts of being on vacation -- seclusion from the rest of the world (well at least friends and family back home).

    Anyway-- I couldn't agree more, I think there should be an APP too. It'll give us something else to pass the time between trips to Couples. There should be a picture of the day too! Submitted from guests/message boarders. Just something to tease us with, add in the current weather and couples news and updates and it could be a fantastic app. Oh and room category descriptions and pics. Perhaps a virtual tour. Oh now I'm just getting excited about the possibilities of an app....

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    I have actually already installed a countdown widget on my phone, however I feel this would be a great addition!

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    What a great idea!!! we would love an app that did a countdown and everyday added different facts or points of interest about the resort we're headed to!!! You should send this one right to Randymon himself!

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