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    We had the trip of our lives, September 2008 to CN.
    After searching the globe for our honeymoon, we found the Caribien.
    The place that stood out was Jamaica, but which resort should we pick? I had never heard of Couples and stumbled upon their website. We sat for hours trying to learn all there were about Couples and their fine resorts.

    We actually had lots of problems finding a travelagency that had Couples on their booking system.
    Note to Couples : Be more visible in Europe !

    CTI, CSS, CN, CSA.. They all looked so nice, but they all had their own "scene"..
    We made our way onto Couples msgboard where we got in touch with some great people who gave us lots of firsthand info on the resorts. CN suddenly stood out due to our own "requirements".

    We loved the way the entire journey went.

    From the first time we touch Jamaican Soil to the day we sadly left Jamaica, we had the time of our lives.
    The resort, the staff, the atmosphere, the vibe...
    Cant put it into word except : Thank You !

    We made alot of new friends at CN who we still keep intouch with and look forward to seeing again one day.

    The one sad thing after this trip was to know that we've found paradise.. and it is SOOO far away... Nothern Europe to Jamaica... A long trip !
    If we had the chance we would go back during every vacation, but that's unfortunatly not possible..

    Can someone please design a superfast commercial airplane ? LOL

    Almost everyday we look at pics from CN at the msgboard and in our photoalbum, knowing that one day we will once again set our feet on Jamaican soil. What has that place done to us ?
    The place is HOME... no other way of putting it.
    We want to go home and see all our friend again.

    Untill the next time... One Love !

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    You will find a way back sooner than you think! Couples gets in your blood and never leaves!! So glad to hear that you fell in love with Couples.

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    We also love and miss

    CN...Couples Negril...Oh,how I love typing these words.
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