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    Default Our wedding at CTI 3/17/12

    Here's a link to our pictures...let me know if you can't see them! We used the resort photographer and do not regret it one bit!!

    We had an amazing wedding and we took several decoration ideas and they did them with no problem and no extra charge! I cannot believe how easy going and exactly perfect it was!! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

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    Congratulations to both of you.....Thank you so much for sharing your picture and they are so beautiful! We are getting married at CTI April 21st on the beach and sooooo excited specialy after seen your pics.
    Wish you many many happy years together

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    Beautiful pics! We are getting married April 28 at CTI 2012. Cant wait! Im starting to think I might not pick the beach anymore!

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    beautiful pics thanks for sharing

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    your pictures are amazing! it looks like you had a great time! we are getting married on may 5 at cti. looking at your wedding makes me so excited! was your ceremony at the gazebo or the gardens? also- the reception aftwerward looks so fancy- was that the "one love" package or did you upgrade? thanks so much for sharing with us- can't wait!


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    Great pictures! Congratulations on your wedding, you looked beautiful!

    I am getting married on August 25th at CTI, and I am re-thinking the beach now! That was so pretty! I love how you are on the grass but can still see the beach and water in the background. We are getting married at sunset, so I wonder which is better?? Decisions, decisions

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