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    Default CSA Vets, some advice please..

    Going to take advantage of the early booking for next year and book dec 18 to 27...

    Weve stayed once before (honeymoon..atrium 2nd floor suite). Should we do a half and half and give beachfront suite a try, or bfvs for four days? Or just stay in atrium suite and use the 200 in room savings to stay the 26th, which will not be a discounted day.....

    Thoughts? Cant wait to go back for trip two...

    Cheers greg and megan

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    Stay in the atrium suite.

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    The Atrium Suites and the Beachfront Suites are very similar in layout. The Atrium has the bench seat and hammock on the patio/balcony while the Beachfront has a chaise lounge and two large chairs with a table between them. Both have the wood louvers on the windows and no glass to let in the sounds of Jamaica. We have only stayed in the BFS and I must say we love it. The biggest difference is going to be the view of the Caribbean waters and the location of being mere steps from the beach. You have to weigh that against the cost. If the only way to get the extra day is to stay in the Atrium I would probably lean toward that as another day in paradise is priceless. That sunset view though...

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    As awesome as the BFS and BFVS are, I would not hesitate to stay an extra day in the Atrium.

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    Extra day or upgraded room hmmmm.......... EXTRA DAY!!!!!!! And Swicthing rooms 1/2 way through a trip doesn't sound like any fun at all.

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    Not worth moving after 4 days. Relax and just pick one.

    Life is good

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