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    Default Visiting CN soon Leaving beach bag while swimming

    Just wondering is it safe to leave beach bag with camera and etc by your chair while floating in the ocean?

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    We have been to CN 7 times...never had any problems....of course"out of sight..out of mind"...keep all essentials in the bag while not there.

    We usually stay poolside..but have left everything there while going for a walk..swim..lunch...drinks etc.

    When in doubt..use the in room safe..

    Enjoy CN!

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    Standard warning: anything left behind could be in jeopard of loss!!! That said, we always leave our bag behind for short periods of time (run to bar, restroom, swim). We never leave things exposed (camera, etc.), but leave them in a beach bag, towel over top.

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    Totally cool. Just be smart about it. Plus, you can pretty much keep an eye on your stuff while floating.

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    I never had a problem leaving my camera, BB and expensive sun glasses in my beach bag but in general I would not leave anything you could not bear to loose.


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    Absolutely, it's just fine, that's what everybody does

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    yes it is safe to leave your stuff by your chair while you go for a dip. We left camara, books, watch, some money, while we went for a swim or walk. I would recommend that you put anything electrical in a plastic bag to keep it from getting wet if a shower catches you off gaurd, not doing this casused a mad dash back to save camara, lol.

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    We leave all of our things in a beach bag while we swim. We typically would have a camera, 2 kindles, and 2 mp3 players in our bag. We might also have a little cash for the beach vendors or to tip the beach performers.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I always have a beach bag and camera with me down on the beach at CSA and it's never been bothered. No worries, mon.

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    We leave beach bag with Ipod, Ipad, books, watches, phones, cameras, medicines, so on and so forth on ours when we go, heck, we even walk the beach for an hour. I will say we do not sit right on the public line, but we have never had issues. We put stuff in the bag, throw the bag on one of our chairs, throw a shirt or possible a towel over it and away we go. In 4 years at Couple Negril no issues. Either that or they look at us hillbillys and decide we have nothing they want.

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    We have always left our beach bag while floating around with no worries. We never bring much in the way of valuables down to the beach anyway. I bring 2 cameras when we go to Couples. The $100 one I take during the day to beach, pool, cruise etc. If I loose it, drop it in the water, spill a drink on it, or someone "borrows" it permanently its no great loss.
    The jewlery, better camera, cash etc....they are left in the room safe.

    We have never seen anyone even near our stuff at CSS (which is only Couples staff & guests) or CN & CSA which has a lot more traffic.

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    We were at CSS in February and left our beach bag with our camera, kindle, and a few bucks at our chairs when we went in the ocean, to lunch and to the pool. Never worried about it and did not have a problem.

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    i've left stuff (such as my ipod and camera) in my beach bag while in the water or while going to the grill, and have never had an issue. i'm sure there is the potential for problems, but i'm not too worried and will surely do it again on my next visit.

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    Absolutely, we leave everything. Even ipods. No problems. My only concern would be if you were real close to the water, there is some locals traffic but the security forces them to keep moving

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    We have never had any issues at all. The only "valuable" thing we keep in our bag is my camera which is worth maybe $150.

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    Security is always an issue at any resort, and property crime can always be a problem at any resort in Jamaica. I am usually that guy that says, "better safe than sorry" but I don' t worry about anything I leave at my chair while I float in the ocean at Couples. Maybe I will get burned one day, but for now I prefer to just relax, Having said that, I don't take a lot of expensive stuff to the beach with me.
    Best of luck!

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    Absolutely. No one will mess with it.

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    When I went to CN, we left my iPhone, camera, iPods etc whilst floating in the sea but always put them out of sights from the public in a bag on our chairs. We were normally by the water where all the locals walk by but still nothing went missing. This is obviously not to say that you'll never have anything stolen for sure but I am still planning to do the same when we're going back in May .... Enjoy CN!

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    Thanks everyone, looks like everything should be safe and we'll use caution with valuables.

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