I was looking at the questions of what are your three favorite things at each resort...Thanks Randymon, that is so much fun to see...and in most of the responses, staff is one of the three.

Personally I think the CN staff (because we have never been to any of the others) is better than anyplace we have ever stayed. Couples has figured out that to most people the staff can be the deal maker or breaker. The thing most people remember is if someone treats them well or treats them badly.

The places I have been in the past, where I have had an issue, it truly revolved around a staff member not handling a situation, not necessarily the situation itself.

Couples, you have beautiful resorts that are easy to fall in love with and have done such a wonderful job with food and everything else. Thank you for realizing that the key to the success is a staff that makes the guest feel welcome from the time they arrive. The Couples lounge starts the experience with the staff and it just continues when you get to the resorts! You have the best staff members anywhere...and it has to say something that manyof them continue to remain as employess too. We are always happy to see our friends there every year when we return.

Couples is the best, not just in Jamaica, but in the world!