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    Default golf question csa

    i dont plan to bring my owm clubs.what is the cost?rent clubs,balls,tees?I known they say the golf is free,but their must be other costs.thanks

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    Don't let what I say keep you from playing golf. I too did not want to drag my clubs for just 1 round and was willing to pay whatever, after all, I was there for the beach and ocean not golf. My total cost for the round of golf was $107. If I had taken some golf balls and tees I would have saved $7. I did buy some logo balls of the course for souvenirs which was $10. I rented clubs for $30, then there was the caddie, cart, tip for caddie, drinks for me and caddie, tip for the drinks and I tipped the shuttle driver who took me back and forth cause it was not a couples employee. I enjoyed the round and have no regrets about it at all. Will I do it again, no, not because of the cost but I just do not want to leave the resort. I did it once and that was enough.

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    thanks for the info.

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    We've golfed twice now over the last 15 years (9 visits). I'm not sure wifey wants to do that anymore... too hot. I'm not inclined to either; don't get me wrong... it was fun, but golf is not why we go to SweptAway. If someone were to ask, I'd probably go... otherwise, not.

    The only things that are inclusive are the ride to/from the course and the greens fee. Everything else is an adder... caddie, clubs, cart, balls and tees if you need 'em, tips, and so on.

    Now... where did I leave my drink?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Matbon a round of golf at Negril Hills is fun if you have other people to enjoy it with. W01e left our better halves at CSA and three of us guys went to play twice when we were there four years ago. We got a good case of sand gravity last December and never made it to the course. The course is very hilly and not in the shape you'd expect to find in the States. If you've never played with a caddie it's a blast to walk the course with them. My advice is to save the cart fee and walk if you're in good shape. Yes it does get warm walking up and down the hills but the drink cart carries beer, soda or sports drinks to keep you going. Ask for the caddies Ronnie (woman) or Nevel if they are there and tell them Steve from NY says hi. The costs are about:
    Caddie fee - $18
    Clubs - $30
    Cart - $38 alone, $19 if shared
    Caddie tip - $20/18 holes, $10/9 holes
    Drinks - $5 each
    Bring balls, tees, towel and glove with you. They don't take up too much luggage space.

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    Dont forget your shoes ask for dean caddie nice young ladd I golfed with him and had a great time and boy he can hit the ball

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    I golf everytime we go to Negril. I take my own clubs, they will keep them up near the lobby for you. The round of golf is free but you pay and must use a caddie, $14. I tipped her $20 for an 18 hole round. I also bought her a few bottles of water. I walked each time, usually 2 -3 times during our week there. I would be done before noon and then time to hit the beach. So for each round I maybe had $40 into it. Just another great thing to dowhile in Jamaica.

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    Just came back from CN, and we left our clubs at the Golf course for the 2 weeks we were there.

    If you are going to play more than once, I would recommend bringing your own clubs along, depending upon what the airline charges for the extra bag. We flew Air Canada and the charge was $20 per way. So for $40 I had my own clubs, golf balls, shoes etc. Well worth it for the 7 rounds that I played.

    The course was in excellent shape when I was there - greener than I had ever seen it!

    If you can get a choice of caddies - ask for Sharron or Stacy.

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