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    Trying to send in room preferences for our weddingmoon. I know rooms aren't assigned in advance, but we are staying in BVFS and our parents in Garden Ver. Suite. Are corner rooms better and does it matter which floor for Garden rooms? I have requested
    1st or 3rd floor for BFVS.

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    I will warn that they will most likely NOT pay much attention to reservations preferences you make before arriving.

    My best suggestion to you is when you arrive and check in make your request for a specific room then and the staff will do whatever they can to help accommodate you including moving you into a room and then switching you to your preference a few days later if for some reason it is not available. Just be polite and understanding that they can not always accommodate your request depending on how full the resort is at the time.

    Good luck.

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    Mstack - congratulations on your wedding! I personally do prefer the corner rooms in the verandah suite category. There is a huge window on the outside wall, so it makes the room much more bright and tropical. We go during the winter, and like to sleep at night with the verandah doors open (if you are going during the summer, this is probably not an option because of the heat and humidity). Therefore, we usually try for a second or third floor room (I wouldn't want to sleep with the verandah doors open on the first floor). The garden verandah suites are exactly the same as the beachfront verandah suites, except for the location. They might even be able to get a peek at the ocean if they have a third floor room.

    We usually submit a preference with our travel agent when we make our reservation. However, they cannot guarantee anything other than your room category. Having said that, on 3 trips to CSA, we've always gotten a 2nd or 3rd floor room, which is our preference. Good luck!

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