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    Me and my hubbie will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary in Oct, we have never been 2 Jamaica and have decided 2 just go 4 it. We are in our early 30's and want somewhere romantic and lots of fun. We are not really beach ppl, but love a great pool. Which Couples would you suggest.

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    All are great
    We love CSS but you can't really go wrong
    Look at the pics and see which resort calls to you

    Enjoy your anniversary

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    I'd say Couples Negril. But Jed is right they are all great.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Hi gloworm and welcome to the Couples family,
    You'll find that all of us here on the messageboard have their favorites. Ours is CSA but we've also been to CTI. From what I've seen on the board you'll probably enjoy CN. The pool seems to be the focus of a lot of activities during the day. The pool bar at CSA does attract a younger crowd but I've never seen a lot of activity there besides drinking and chatting. But if you like a resort with a hotel feel instead of the more spread out garden setting of CN and CSA then maybe CTI would be better for you. My best advice is to look at all the pictures of the resorts by clicking on the colored boxes at the top and pick the one that calls to you.
    Enjoy your trip to Paradise at whichever resort you choose!

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    As Steve pointed out, everyone on the message board has their favorite Couples Resort. In our opinion, CSS is the most romantic of them with lots of places to roam and explore. But if you're looking for the resort with a great pool then it's CN hands down. The main pool there is the focal point of the resort with many activities around it both during the day and in the evening. Although CN also has a great beach making it the best of both worlds. We have to agree with Jed in that you have to look at the pictures. We also suggest looking at what each resort has to offer as well as the layout. Then choose the one that calls to you. The great thing about a Couples Resort is that no matter which you choose...there's not a bad one.

    Have fun choosing and best wishes on your anniversary stay,

    Bart & Bug

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