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    Default It's starting to look grim for our honeymoon

    Our flight has been booked since last spring, but it's looking very bad for Air Canada. The pilots are going to court to try to be allowed to strike and they are doing "sick-outs" too. 18 Pilots out yesterday. My son's flight was delayed over 2 hours.

    We're due to fly on April 16 and are trapped by the situation. We can't get a refund for our flight and, even if we could, flights are pretty much booked on the other airlines.

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    I know how you're feeling....we're booked on Air Canada for April 28th and I've been gobbling up every piece of news I can find. At least we're flying West Jet back so if anything happens with AC, we just need to find a way to get there.

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    OMG! That's terrible! I hope and pray for you your flight does happen as planned! Positive thinking is what you need now! I hate what the airlines are doing to us these days, messing with all our travel plans! They think we all have so much money to reaarange our travel plans at the last minute while they play havoc with the flight times etc!
    I feel it will only get worse, and we haven't yet booked out flight for this December!
    Have a wonderful Honeymoon! and Congrats on your wedding!

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    Questor, we know how you're feeling. We're supposed to be flying AC to MBJ on April 23. We wouldn't care if our return flight on May 7 got canceled (it's actually a bit of a guilty daydream ... having to call in to work and saying "Oops, sorry, but I'm stranded in Jamaica because of the Air Canada situation and don't know when I'll be able to get home"), but I need to get there!

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