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    Default Golfing partner CN 23rd May

    My wife and I have just booked ourselves a week at CN this May. We are really excited and looking forward to downing a couple of Bob Marleys down at the pool bar.

    I am thinking of playing golf while there. Is it worth me bringing my own clubs or am I better off to rent while I am there. Also my wife being as non golfer I would be looking for playing partners, anyone up for a round from the 23rd of May on?

    Any other tips or reccomendations from those of you who have been multiple times? Hope to see some of you at CN soon.


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    If you are willing to pay my airfare and room costs I would be willing to golf with you everyday?
    Ha,Ha.... I am taking my clubs to CSA in 25 days. I am not very good but I have used rentals in the past and was REALLY bad. Last time at CSA, Negril Hills had some rentals that were in pretty bad shape, my brother in law used them, if you are a serious golfer eat the extra cost and take your own

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    My wife and I will also be at CH from May 19th-26th and I seem to have the same problem as you do. I have already decided that I may play once or twice that I'm going to rent the clubs there. I also have know my wife will be at the spa so I'll take advantage of that and hit the links at Negril Hills. Count me for golf on the 23rd, I also know of a 3rd.

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    Ireland, my husband, Robert would love to play one day. Maybe the 23rd or 24th? There is another poster (Colts-n-cubs) who will be there the same dates as us (May 19th-26th). He made a post on the Meet-Up Board asking for possible players also. We responded, but haven't heard back from him. I definitely don't golf, but I'm a great bartender! LOL

    I would suggest renting golf clubs while you are there. It's less to deal with on the airplane.

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    I just came back from CN last week and golfed 7 times at Negril Hills. Right now the course is in the best shape that I have even seen it in. It was very nice and green!

    If you are planning on golfing more than once, I would suggest that you bring your clubs along. I can't remember the rental charges (thinking $30 USD - but could be wrong). It all depends upon what the airline charges for an extra bag.

    The nice thing is that you can leave your clubs at the golf course and you do not have to bring them back to the resort.

    My husband and I always have Sharron and Stacey as our caddies - they are wonderful and lots of fun. If you have them, please say hi from Will & Jen in Canada

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the replies! Colts/Robert a round of golf with you guys would be great, do we need to book anything in advance or should we just meet up somewhere? We will be the tall couple, one English (me), and one Irish, you will probably find us at the bar! We will only be arriving the evening of the 23rd though so the first day I could do golfing would be the 24th.

    Have decided to take the advice of Jenni and Mick and bring my own clubs, this way I can take in a round in the UK with my parents by way of a warm up. Plus I have enough excuses about my game without having the added one of poor equipment!

    Look forward to seeing you all soon!


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