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    Hey ya'll.. We are packing up.. Ten days will be here soon enough.. or, should I say not soon enough??? I have camera, phone chargers etc and a Chi(flat iron) for my hair... Can I use their plugs? I know in some countries, outlets wont work on our things... And... do they have blow dryers in the rooms? Any thing else you can think of? Couples Tower Sept 9th!!!! Email me if you would at for any help !!!!
    thanks Stef and Tommy (Steffy)

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    Electric outlets are the same NO PROBLEM.

    The bathrooms are equiped with blow dryers. Leave that extra weight behind.

    Bringing extra memory cards or film for the camera? Take LOTS of pictures.

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    Everything be irie! If you live in the US or Canada then your plugs will work fine. They also provide hair dryers in the room, which I always use. But just keep in mind that are the small hotel type so if your hair is really long or thick, they might not be powerful enough for you. Also, just a piece of advice, don't spend much time with the flat iron. I used to spend my normal amount of time doing my hair and getting ready, only to have the humidity kill it an hour later. Now I have learned to just embrace the beach hair!

    You will LOVE CTI!! We've been to them all, but CTI is our home! I'd be happy to send you our packing list if that would help ( Have a great trip!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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