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    I just saw this drink mentioned last night on a TV show. I looked up the recipe and it sounds Yummy. Has anyone ever tried it? Does anyone know if the bartenders at CSS will be able to make it for me? I am taking the recipe with me and hoping I can try one. We are going this April.

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    I don't remember in which country I had Lava Flow, either in Hawaii (Oahu) or Jamaica.... or could have been both! However I remember well that it was very tasty and one of those frozen type cocktail...
    Am sure that the bartender at the resort will be happy to make it for you if you show him/her the recipe. Enjoy Jamaica!
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    I had ummm several in Hawaii (Kauai) and they were delicious!

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    Could you post the recipe please? Would love to see what you are enjoying!! Thanks!

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    Is this the one they mentioned on the Biggest Loser for 490 calories a drink? Woah mama.

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    1 oz. light rum
    1 oz. coconut rum
    2 oz. fresh or frozen strawberries
    1 small banana
    2 oz. unsweetened pineapple juice
    2 oz. coconut cream
    I can't wait to try it in 15 days.

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    The Lava Flow is definitely a Hawaiian specialty! My husband discovered the Lava Flow when in Hawaii and has tried to master them at home ever since. We've asked about them at Couples over the past few years, but no go! It's a frozen cocktail that's a cross between a piña colada and strawberry daiquiri using both Malibu rum and white rum and coconut milk...but the key ingredient to a yummy Lava Flow is using real fresh or frozen strawberries, which Couples doesn't use for their drinks!

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