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    Hey everyone! We are flying Tim air from Montego Bay to Negril and I am wondering how you worked it to get picked up from the Negril airstrip? Did you arrange for Couples to pick you up, or take a cab? Thanks for the help.

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    We have always used a cab-around $10. We are using Tim air again and will most likely just use a cab. No worries. Apri 6th soon come

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    We always use a cab...right no ore than $5-$ time less than 2 minutes...right across the street.

    Enjoy your trip....we have to wait until June 27th for ours..#8 to CN...always use Tim Air....

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    we fly TimAir all the time and all we do is the pre checkin at CSA and when we arrive in Negril we tell the fella at the desk at TimAir we need a ride to CSA and he takes care of everything. Make sure you tip the driver as they are independent and do not work for Couples. Enjoy the flight!

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    Cab is waiting. It is literally across the street. If you were to do carry-on you could walk. I think the guy gets $5...$5 tip (I don't mind the 100% tip as it is likely the last one I give for a week or so ). Plus, I like getting his card. In the unlikely event that I want to go off site, I like the idea of calling someone.

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    Once you arrive at the Negril airstrip, you can call Couples and they will send a van over for you. Alternatively, there are always cabs there waiting, and you can take a cab, but you will have to pay for it yourself (around $10 to CSA).

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    Hmmmm... Wondering how much it costs for a round-trip Tim Air shuttle from MoBay to Ocho Rios...? And is it worth it to avoid to (2-hour?) shuttle bus ride?

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