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    Hi All,

    Looking into booking CSA for the New Years - into January timeframe. We visited couples for the first time last year and loved it. We stayed in a 1 bedroom ocean at CSS. It was the absolutely perfect room for us because we loved the view and being able to use our balcony so much. We loved the romantic feel of the area of the resort, up in the cliffs.

    Now we are looking at CSA and I am really torn about a room choice. The romantic ambiance of the room is very important to us. We have decided we want one of the rooms without glass. We dont need a TV at all. I love the look and feel of all the louvered windows. Actually, I am in love with the atrium room picture here on the website. My significant other feels the same but it is also pretty important to him to have an oceanview. Thus, we are comparing the Atrium to the BFS. Is it true that the BFS look identical to the atrium but do not have a hammock? The pic here on the site doesnt look the same but I've read others mentioning the rooms are alike. Any thoughts/recommendations on the 2 categories would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!

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    We had the same problem and chose to go with the BFS simply to have the Ocean view. We haven't taken our trip yet and will be our first time. I don't think you can go wrong with either room.

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    On our first visit to CSA we went with the BFS and loved it. The view of the beach and ocean is awesome!! On our second trip there we decided to stay in an Atrium based on the cost and inclusion of the hammock, even with not having an ocean view. We were upgraded to a BFS and so never got to test that theory. We find that we spend so little time in our room that as long as we're close to the ocean it's really not important.

    Good Luck,

    Bart & Bug

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