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    Good morning MB! My husband and I just booked our first CN trip for May this week and are SO excited. I do have a question about getting mixed drinks at the resort. I understand this is the Carribean and sugary drinks are the norm, but do the bartenders have an issue with making simple mixed drinks? Gimlets, rum and coke, jack and coke, etc? I don't want to appear to be hard to deal with, but can't have all the sugar due to diabetes. But still like to enjoy myself with a cocktail or two, three, get the picture.
    Any help in "resort bar etiquette" would be so appreciated.
    LOVE all the information we have gotten off this message is what helped make our final decision on a vacation spot! 9 weeks and counting!

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    Welcome to the Couples Family! The bartenders will have not trouble making your mixed drinks and definitely won't be insulted! You're in Jamaica--"No Problem!"

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Just a guess but I bet they like the "simple "drinks. I know they like it when I order a Red Stripe.

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    You can get anything you want! A lot of the drink menu drinks are real sugary, and we're not big on the whole Miami Vice, Hummingbird, pina colada, etc drinks. One trip, did a whole day of gin & tonics, because even the rum & pineapple concoction, which has very little juice in it, got to be a little much after a long day before in the sun.

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    Thanks all...will order my vodka gimlet and rum and diet with confidence! Two months from today!!!

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    Key, my wife is not much of a drinker, I kinda balance that out, but she does get a dirty banana. She gets it with a fresh banana, tells them no simple sugar, and the rest is good to go. I'm not one for mixed drinks, but that being said, this one is good.

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    I don't drink sugar either. Bring some water flavors (mio) or individual crystal light packets. Order your vodka with club soda and add some of the flavor.

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    We do a lot of rum & diet cola...great way to watch a few calories. One time they messed up and gave me gin and diet cola. That was pretty gross!

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