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    Bart & Bug and the rest of you guys........looking forward to enjoying another great week a CSS in a little over one week! Heck.....I will buy you all a round of drinks at the Repeaters Dinner (or two or three). Wishing you all a great Easter Holiday!

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    Is the beach party moved from Wed. night now? Or am I thinking wrong?
    We are doing Wen. to Wen. in May, I hope we can slide in for repeaters night on our first night.

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    Default Wednesday Night it is...

    I called Couples Sans Souci today to arrange a Private Dinner for the week of April 15-22. I asked when the Repeaters dinner would be that week, as I did not want to schedule our private dinner the same night. I was told it would be Wednesday, April 18th.

    So, at least we know for that week.


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    You're on. Can't wait to arrive at CSS in 7 days. See ya'll at the Repeater's Dinner!

    Bart & Bug

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    Bart & Bug!

    See you guys on Wednesday! Good times are just getting better! Safe travels!

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    Looking forward to it! Have a safe flight down.

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    Sharie with Couples told us two days ago that the Repeater's Dinner is on Wednesday now ----- so we had to move our Private Dinner (that we had already booked) to Thursday night instead. We are going May 26 to June 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyQ View Post
    Hi KarenON!
    suzyQ here! If you have an opportunity could you find out if the Repeaters Dinner will be held on Wednesdays by the Main Pool in July? That's our next trip home! It may be too warm to hold the dinner outside in the summer!

    I hope you and Paul have a wonderful trip!
    Hi Suzette! The dinner will only be held outside until the end of June, at least that's what Mr B. said last Wednesday night. It was such a fun night with great food!

    We did have a wonderful trip, one of the best yet, with 9 straight days of sunshine!

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    Hi Karen,
    I'm glad you and Paul had a great trip! So the Repeater's Dinner will be inside in July, but it still be on Wednesdays? We have a Private Dinner booked on Wednesday July 25th to celebrate my birthday! If that's the day of the big dinner we may have to change!

    Thanks so much for getting the info for me!

    All the best to the two of you!
    Suzzette (suzyQ)

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    Shoot, our 20th anniversary is on a Wednesday so I was counting on having a special dinner with my hubby that night and doing the repeaters dinner on Thursday. Now, it looks like we are going to have to choose.

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    So the repeaters dinner and lobster night are the same nights? That's kind of a bummer, I was looking forward to 2 special nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanmac1 View Post
    So the repeaters dinner and lobster night are the same nights? That's kind of a bummer, I was looking forward to 2 special nights.
    I agree! I liked lobster night and the repeaters dinner on two different nights. I hope they move it back to thursday before we come in august.

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    My wife and I are at CSS now and this week the repeaters dinner is on Wednesday as well.

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