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    Hard to narrow it down to only 3 but...
    1. The gorgeous beach (with the interaction with the friendly local Jamaican)
    2. food
    3. Cozyness/smallness of the resort, with the tropical feel - You're never too far away from anything

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    It is so hard to only name a three:
    Loved the layout of the resort, never felt crowded
    Loved their food!! The deserts and I loved their french toast. All of it was wonderful
    The beach
    The staff

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    The staff ( after 10 years of CN we made some life long friends). 2. Food/ drink ( big fan off the soups) 3. The sunset cruise ( we dont do much water activites but love the sunset cruise, probably gone 25 times and is most times the highlight of our trip) Only a few weeks to go for trip 11. Mike

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    SO HARD picking just three, but here goes ...

    1) the exceptional staff who welcomes us back home every time with smiles and hugs and always outstanding service and care. From the people who sweep the walkways and beach every morning, to the entertainment and bar/kitchen staff we have NEVER encountered anyone who didn't treat us like family. This hands-down is what brings us back again and again.
    2) the beautiful grounds and resort layout. Love how centrally located everything is. There is a perfect balance between being able to be in the middle of everything, yet still being able to "sneak away" in a secluded hammock or walkway and feel like you and your spouse are the only two people around.
    3) all the great inclusions other AI resorts charge you extra for like the cat cruise, snorkeling, diving, waterskiing/wakeboarding, kayaks and best of all, top-shelf liquor!

    Kristie & Marco
    CN: 2006, 2008, 2010 & 2012 (in 22 more sleeps!!)

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    1. The beach
    2. The all-inclusive package - Love not having to think about money while on vacation
    3. The great food and drinks

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    The wonderful atmosphere of the resort, it has a very romantic feel to it.
    The beautiful beach/bay...have not seen anything like it.
    The pool area -- love the pool, swim-up bar and jacuzzis at each end.

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    Sue's are:
    1) The night of the Beach Party, when the guy sings on the beach.
    2) Cat Cruise
    3) Ting....yum

    Mine are:
    1) It's the only place where I will put my phone, wallet & watch in the safe and forget about them for a week.
    2) The swings, blue couches & the hammocks.
    3) One bourbon, one scotch & one beer.

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    1) Franklin
    2) Cigarette Guy
    3) Beach

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    1. Nude Beach
    2. Great staff
    3. Great week with the other half

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    OMG! Only pick 3!?! Well my three, in this exact order, are:
    1. The beauty of the resort and Bloody Bay
    2. The Staff
    3. The feeling of COMPLETE relaxation and contentment while there
    Stay Irie, Mon!

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    1) Ambiance of the entire resort, including staff
    3) Topless beach, and its beauty!!!!

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    1 - The PERFECT beach.
    2 - The pool & pool bar.
    3 - The atmosphere.
    4 - The staff.
    5 - The layout of the resort.
    6 - The way it makes me feel when I'm there & keeps me thinking about it when
    I'm not.
    7 - .......... OH - You said '3 Things' didn't you ...... OOPS !!!!!!

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    1) The beach
    2) The calm, perfect sea
    3) The resort at night, when it is lit up, is lovely and romantic

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    My 3 favorite things....

    1. When you first arrive and the first thing you hear "Welcome Home" - gives me goosebumps
    2. The Water Sports Hut....they always have a smile on their face and they are always happy to talk to you
    3. Relaxing by the pool, rum in hand and the beautiful sounds of Jamaica

    Can't wait to come back.....Home Soon Come!!!!

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    1) The Beach
    2) Karen and her Great staff & the the atmosphere of the resort
    3) Franklin and the swim up bar
    3A) Water sports guys

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    1. Clear ocean
    2. Nacho bar
    3. Swim up bar

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    1. I get to go back every year!
    2. I miss Otis...I hope he is still there!
    3. All the other staff members too! (Too many to list that always make our vacation perfect!)

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    1. Ceeeegarettes
    2. Ceeegars
    3. Sunshades


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    The better question would be, name three things you don't love about CN.
    1. Nothing
    2. Nothing
    3. Nothing
    We will be back in December and can't wait to go. Love it!

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    1. beach volleyball
    2. beach/ocean
    3. watersports

    1. treehouse massage
    2. ocean at night
    3. acceptance of all, no matter who you are.... one love

    and both food, beach, and staff!!!!!!!!

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    1. the beach
    2. the red flag service at the beach
    3. floating on the water just off the beach with the red flag service.

    Oh how I love this place!!

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    1. Franklin, Yannick, and the fun energy at the pool bar (and the fun people we always seem to meet at the bar)
    2. Watching the amazing sunsets with a dirty banana in hand and in your loved one's arms
    3. The feeling you get in your soul that Couples CN is truly the essence of Class & "One Love".

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    1. We fly into Negril and love seeing CN from the air because we know we are almost home again.
    2. Here's an original one. . . the best beach in Jamaica!
    3. The great friends we have met through the years, both guests and staff.

    Be home again in 99 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    What are the three things you love the most about CNG?
    1) Walks along the beach early morning.
    2) The food and swinging in a hammock on the beach after dinner.
    3) The AN beach.

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    Glenda & Mickey

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