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    Default Your Three Favorite Things About Couples SweptAway

    What are the three things you love the most about CSA?

    Couples Resorts

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    beach, booze and food. That is all you need

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    It's very difficult to name just three.... but here goes...

    1. Being in paradise with the man of my dreams on the beautiful beach
    2. The true feeling of love and romace at this amazing resort
    3. The hospitality! Feeling like we are the most important people alive

    Thank you for all that you do for everyone who goes home to Couples SweptAway!!

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    1. Miami vice on the beach
    2. Cave swim through on cat cruise
    3. Meeting new friends at swim up bar

    See you July 21st!

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    1. Sea Grapes
    2. Atrium Room
    3. Smoothies across the street

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    1. The style of the rooms - not your typical hotel stuffy style. Lots of warmth and character and comfort.
    2. The amazing 10-acre sports complex across the street. I only managed to gain 2 lbs while on vacation despite my giving in to the temptations of the wonderful food and drinks in abundance.
    3. The tree frogs, oh my the musical sound of those critters that lullabyed me to sleep every night!

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    The beach.
    The beach.
    The beach.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    The staff (wouldn't be a Couples resort without the best staff in the world), 7 Mile Beach, and the relaxed atmosphere.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    1) The STUNNING beach! And crystal clear water!!! Beautiful white sand beach with calm clear water!

    2) The water sports crew! Desmond was awesome! Snorkeling was so much fun with them. They actually kept us entertained even when we weren't doing a specific activity. Just sitting at Seagrapes was entertaining.

    3) The beach bar! Love how the bartenders always knew what we wanted to drink and always remembered us. Onique was awesome! We tried the green flag service but preferred just going to sit at the bar! Always such a fun atmosphere.

    Hoping to be back soon!

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    7 mile beach with white sand, blue ocean, nice breeze; the coziness of the Atrium and beachfront suites for romancing my sweetheart; and of course the wonderful friendly staff and their supurb service at Swept Away who remember us (by name)every year we return and who we look forward to seeing again each and every year!
    There is ALOT more, but you only asked for 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    What are the three things you love the most about CSA?
    The Atriums, the beach, dining on the terrace at Lemongrass.

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    Oh Randymon - only three?? Ok - in no particular order:

    1. The beach
    2. The people (guests and employees)
    3. The vibe (I'm here, I'm relaxed, I hear reggae - ahh vacation)

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    Hearing the Tree Frogs along the lovely paths
    The Amazing Beach
    The Layout of the Resort

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    How do you pick just 3.. thats hard!

    The laid back atmosphere
    The amazing staff
    The dirty bananas

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    Can't wait to find out our favorite 3 things... March 31st can't come soon enough! :-)

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    The staff, especially Sharona our favorite server at Patios, the food & of course the relaxing atmosphere!!!

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    Sweet potato chips!!
    The friendly staff
    The beautiful landscape

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    1. We love the way the rooms are in smaller buildings (not like staying in a hotel) which makes for a more private and quiet atmosphere, the winding paths through the grounds, so relaxing!
    2. The friendly staff and the level of service is just outstanding (we are going back for our third visit in 21 days - woohoo!) We are not frequent travelers but have been to several resorts in Mexico and another resort in the Caribbean but CSA won us over.
    3. The beach.......

    and there you go!

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    not sure this is fair as we are newbies to Couples, but -

    will be our honeymoon

    love, love Jamaica

    will be there in 40 DAYS!!!!!!!!

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    The Beach... Ulti... and mostly no kids

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Only 3...

    the beach, the staff and Beach Front Verandah Suites 2 months from this saturday till TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

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    Hammock on Atrium Suite balcony, Martini Bar, Scuba

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    Seagrapes, Lemongrass, and the people, especially the guys at the dive shack.

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    Certainly the staff, which include people who remember you by name from year to year (I'm looking at you, Denva). The beach of course, which is unmatched in Jamaica, particular the stretch that CSA occupies. Finally, the rooms that were part of the original CSA, for their uniqueness and charm.

    Ooops, forgot how to count, also the martini bar, bamboo bar, restaurants, and fitness complex. You really meant AT LEAST 3, right?

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    The beach. The Martini Bar. The staff. There are way more but you only asked for three.

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