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    New friends
    Great staff
    Great food, LOBSTER!!

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    1 The beach. I am a total beach nut, always have been.
    2 The relaxed, romantic atmosphere; truly no pressure. What makes a vacation a vacation in my opinion.
    3 The people, this includes the staff and guests. We get the feeling that everyone is like family.

    Dude, only three? It does force you to really think about what draws you back though.

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    The beach, Seagrapes and the sunsets with my honey.

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    Of course the beach! WOW!
    Then comes the friendly service where everywhere you look people are smiling and trying to help.
    The Martini Bar up above the Palms. If you missed it last trip you have to go back. Shawn and Romaine are great and those chocolate martinis are out of this world.

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    1.Tree Frogs

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    Ok, The Staff (especially at Seagrapes and snorkel and dive guys). Having coffee and fruit on our veranda early in the morning, looking over the beach from our BFS watching thr resort wake up. And, laying on a lounger, next to my Wife, under the shade from a palm and hearing "Shelllls, Shellman", and of course the "Ciggggggggereeets". Then I know exactly where we are!

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    Ultimate, the rooms and martini bar are the 3 things we really look forward to when we go to CSA.
    And it was hard to narrow it down to 3 but these were 3 thing unique to CSA that we really look forward to.
    We also love the long beach, the hammocks on the beach and the fantastic staff. But you only wanted 3.

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    The beach, beach front verandah suite, the overall ambiance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newtnugget View Post
    Only 3...

    the beach, the staff and Beach Front Verandah Suites 2 months from this saturday till TOUCHDOWN!!!!!
    us too!

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    1. The Jamaican staff are truly amazing people. We can't say enough about how much the staff make CSA feel like our second home.
    2. The wonderful food options at CSA. It is nice to know that there are many healthy options and chefs willing to assist those with food allergies.
    3. The recreational choices at CSA. From cardio workouts, watersports, walking on 7 mile beach, or the simplicity of lounging in a hammock watching the sunrise or set.

    Can I add a #4??
    4. The spa welcomes you to paradise releasing all the stress and tension of everyday life.

    Thank you CSA for all the wonderful memories and the many more to come.

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    The sexy beach
    The overwhelming sense of "welcome"
    The tennis facilities/staff
    You go, you know

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    The amazing beach

    The total Couples package - i.e. excellent service, delicious food and "no problem" attitude.

    The sports complex

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    Laying on a float in the ocean next to my wife.
    Sitting under the swim up bar with my wife during the afternoon showers
    Having a couples massage at the spa.

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    1) The beach
    2) The big terraces on all the rooms
    3) The sports complex

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    Is it just me, or does it seem that the beach is a big draw for CSA?

    I'm just sayin'.

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    The beach, the food and the entire CSA Staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbums94 View Post
    Can't wait to find out our favorite 3 things... March 31st can't come soon enough! :-)
    I arrive at CSA for the first time on the 31st was well. Can't wait!

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    1. Sitting on the beach with my beautiful wife, sipping champagne, and watching the sunset.

    2. Dressing up each night and having a wonderful time dining and enjoying the walk along the lighted paths in the late evening.

    3. Lying in bead snuggled up with my wife while listening to the frogs sing and the waves lapping on the beach.

    Life is really good at CSA

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    #1 - being with the person you love
    #2 - food
    #3- drinks

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    Everyone has said it all I guess, but here are 3 other ideas

    - the beautiful lush grounds
    - Miss Rose making gorgeous pasta freshly for each guest individually at the Palms
    - the great gym over the road with its virtually empty lap pool

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    I forgot to add the floating mats! I swear we spent hours on those mats in the beautiful ocean! And we looooved the nachos at the beach grill!! Oh and the dirty bananas! Perfectly made!

    I know you said top 3 things, but I did only put 3 things in each post! Love CSA!!!

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    1. the staff (Cindy and Natasja at the Palms are our favorites)
    2. the continental room service in the morning
    3. the tennis and sports complex

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    *breakfast delivered to our room as a wake-up call
    *room to roam the beautiful beach
    *old-world JA charm all over the place - no marble hotels for us!

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    The staff (and we'll second the shout-out for Sharona, though she was at The Palms when we were there last.
    The hammock on our Atrium suite balcony.
    The beach.

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    The staff (and we'll second the shout-out for Sharona, though she was at The Palms when we were there last.
    The hammock on our Atrium suite balcony.
    The beach.
    Rum Cream on ice comes in at 3.5!

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