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    Default Long (gah! so sorry) Amazing Trip to Sans Souci Review 3/17/12 to 3/24/12

    My parents, boyfriend and I just got back from another amazing trip to CSS. This was our 4th time and my parents 2nd time and it just gets better every time we visit.

    This time, I tried to book a Timair or an Airlink flight from Sangster to Oracabessa, but they were all booked at the time we were landing, so it didn't work out. No matter, we are used to the bus ride now and our driver was entertaining as always. Customs was a breeze (we landed around 11:45) and we were only in the Couples lounge for probably 20 minutes before we were off. We had to laugh at a few couples on the shuttle with us, who weren't aware of the 1 hr 45 min trip to the resort. We remember back before the highway was finished, and how long that trip took. We didn't stop at the half way mark for anything so we made pretty good time.

    Once we got to the resort, we were warmly greeted by Frankie and the front desk staff, and had our glass of champagne. My bf booked a penthouse suite in D and it wasn't ready yet, so we went down to the beach grill for lunch. It was great to get the first taste of the beach, and then when I found out we got the Roger Moore PH, I jumped up and down like an idiot. Best view on the grounds - you can see the ocean as well as everything going on along the beach. My parents were also in D block, a couple of floors below us, which was convenient.

    The first night we were there we did something different and had dinner at Evita's Italian restaurant in downtown Ocho Rios. If you call the restaurant, they have a complimentary shuttle which will pick you up at your resort. The food was very good, but seemed a tad pricey, and the wine was wine I buy for myself at home when I don't want to spend $10. It's helpful to remind yourself that Jamaica isn't known for their wine. I think the fact I developed a migraine while we were eating may have ruined the experience a bit, so I would definitely go again, but during lunch hours, to see the amazing view.

    Dinner on the resort was much better - we ate at Pallazina a couple nights, where we met the lovely soft spoken Maureen and Kieshen, who served us. Kieshen was also our waiter when we ate at Casanova, and he had us cracking up when he joked that he cooked everything on the menu himself. The beach party and the Gala were also wonderful. The Silver Birds were the steel drum band at the beach party again, and they were as amazing as we remember from last year (who knew you could play Adele songs on steel drums) but the Mento band that played during dinner touched us for some reason this year as well. The songs were incredibly melancholy and sweet. We enjoyed them greatly. I only wish I bought a CD that night from the gentlemen. I enquired the next night and they didn't have them with them. The food is buffet at the beach party and Gala, and although I have seen some people complain about the quality, we thought all was very good. The performers at the Gala were also outstanding - I think the main singer was named Tammy T? Great voice and band.

    My bf and I spent every day at Sunset Beach, the AU beach, while my parents enjoyed the main beach. I have to give a shout out to Careen, who ran her butt up and down the main beach, all day in the heat, getting people's drinks and always smiling and remembering everyone's names. SSB was great as always. Veronique was the bartender most days, with Orlando there a couple days. Both of them were great. Orlando was another guy that cracked everyone up when he was there. And another trainee, Kimone, did the same job as Careen on the main beach, again as friendly as can be. One morning, there was a bit of technical difficulty with the blender so my bf's morning Hummingbird (breakfast of champions as he calls it) was not forthcoming. He got a couple of red stripes, no biggie. Little Kimone came running over about a half hour later with his beloved Hummingbirds in hand. We couldn't believe it - he didn't even think she heard him ask for them. But that is Couples staff for you. Just way beyond the norm.

    And now for my favorite staff member (and this is tough, there are so many) but if someone would have told me a few years ago that I would look forward to playing trivia games NEKKID with a bunch of other nekkid people, I would have told you to have another plate of crazy. But Kaydian is so entertaining I found myself looking forward to 11:30 when she would come over to the bar and engage everyone in Jamaican history, dirty mind trivia and (my favorite) name that tune. And I am not the only one. All of a sudden, you would look around and the poor bartenders were swamped with people sitting both on the stools outside the pool and in the pool. And along the edges. She is funny and very strict. Do not make her mad, LOL or she will take your chips right back!

    My mother and I both had facials on our last full day and they were amazing. I had had one at CTI last November, so I knew they were great, but I have to say, Joan gave me the best face, neck, arm and hand massage as well. Next time we go, I think we need to get full massages.

    I know I forgetting something or somebody, but this review is getting crazy long. I'm writing it at work, so I really hope the people in the next cube just think I have my nose to the grindstone

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    Just wanted to say awesome review! Can't wait until we return "home" in July!!!!!!

    One Love,

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    Thanks for the great review... We'll be there on May 13th-23rd Can't wait...

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    Thanks suzyQ. It's a great place. I think we might even venture to Negril next trip. I am wanting to see how the other side is now too.

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    Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time!! Thanks for taking the time to write everything down for those of us sitting at home!

    As a side note with the migraine it may have been the WINE that triggered it ;-( I cannot drink ANY red wines. Even a few sips will trigger a migraine from HE!! It has something to do with the tannins that are used in making Red Wines.

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    Great review, unfortunately we have until October before we return home to SSB. Did they play volleyball in the pool at SSB?

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    When we were there, the volleyball net wasn't up. I thought I read a review a while back that said it might have been taken down due to some safety issues? Apparently one person hit their head on a bar stool. That would hurt! I know that when we were there the last year, it was up and the ball would fly behind the counter where Jheanel was working, so maybe it was a nuisance?

    Fluffin, I would say you def have a point with the tannins, except it started prior to the wine. My ears didnt pop after we landed so dont know if that had anything to do with it. I'm sure the wine did not help though.

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kaydian....can't wait to see her again in Aug/Sept!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
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