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    Number 1 is Sunset Beach.
    Number 2 would be a couples massage in the open air huts with the breeze and the waves crashing below.
    And Number 3 would be the grounds.

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    In no particular order

    1) Privacy
    2) Lush Vegetation
    3) Staff

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    Wow it's hard to pick just favorites:
    1. The tropical plants's almost like a secret garden.
    2. The secret hammocks ..our favorite is the one (there's two) that's right below the pool by the front office
    3. The private beach with no "GET YOUR CIGS! and IT'S GONNA BE HOT..HOT..HOT..LIVE MUSIC TONIGHT" being blasted like at CSA.

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    A massage on the cliffside, listening to the ocean waves.
    The Friday night Gala.
    Fantastic staff, starting at the top with Pierre who sets the tone for all!

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    All of the above plus...
    Palazzina pasta bar
    Beach Bar
    Gazebo we were married in

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    This is so easy
    1) It could be one of the most romantic spots you will find anywhere: from isolated hot tubs to secluded mineral pools and evenings spent listening to wonderful entertainers - it is absolutely "Heaven on Earth"
    2) The people - from Jermaine and Katyanne, to every person you meet - they all have a smile for you and make you feel at home
    3) The food (and those desserts) are all "to die for"

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    Only 3...

    1. Location, location, location
    2. SSB during the day or at sunset with the saxaphone playing!
    3. Room Service and all of the other wonderful people that make US feel special!

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    massage huts
    nightly entertainment
    fabulous food!!!

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    1) As so many have said, SSB
    2) The staff - im always looking forward to seeing Kadyian again
    3) My sweet boyfriend being able to unwind from the horrors of the auto industry. Nothing cures the soul like CSS.

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    In no particular order...
    AMAZING views
    massage on the cliffs over looking the ocean
    the intimate, romantic ambiance

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    What is there NOT to like?!

    We loved not only the natural mineral pool - which is very secluded and beautiful but also the Modern Mineral pool and smoothie bar. 2. The sax player on sunset beach at sunset was AMAZING! 3. Edgar and his amazing omelets always made with a smile!! he even remembered what my husband and I wanted in ours!

    San Souci is amazing and magical!!

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    Ok, so other than the fantastic staff and service, Im going to try to think of (just) 3 particular to each of the 3 Couples weve visited (so that rules out listing food and drinks, since its awesome at all of them)

    1) the romantic, extensive, lush grounds (stairs and all!)
    2) the sweeping, panoramic view from our room at the top in G block
    3) the hidden hot tub behind/above the mineral pool at night

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhh! This could take awhile! We've been there twice and are currently planning our third visit. We've travelled all over the Caribbean and it wasn't until we finally "landed" at this special property that we found our haven!
    Three things we love about it? (only THREE!):
    1) The amazing scenery (grounds) - "mountainous", yet also the beautiful beach - so many individual, intimate areas where one can relax; inhale and just CHILL !
    2) The low key vibe that eminates throughout the property, which makes one slow down; appreciate the beauty of the area and its people;
    3) The friendly staff that always help make ones day a happy one - whether just by saying "hello"; or smiling; or laughing; or helping out.
    Oh - in addition (I know more than 3 things!) the beautiful rooms and the fantastic food!
    CSS is one special place!

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