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    Default CSA changes since October 2013

    We are at CSA for 9 days now, leaving on 4/28. Just for reference, this is my 21st trip here, Suzi's 6th. We were last here this past October for the anniversary party. Here are some of the changes:

    The Beach Grill has replaced the wire stands and laminated numbers with those flat, flashing "hey, your table's ready" gizmos. While I'm not a fan of high tech, this certainly works better, but I'll miss those little wire stands and the smiling person who delivered the food to our table. Jeez, I hope they didn't replace someone with a machine here. Oh, somebody set the gizmo to silent, please.

    There's a real beach volleyball court at the south end of the beach. And the beach is as wide as I've ever seen it.

    The Palms has Eaton's pepper sauce. Real crap. The worst of the worst. Hopefully, they'll go back to Gray's. Until they do, Dis and Dat in the Main Lobby has Gray's for $2 a bottle.

    The watersports team all have numbers on their shirts, a bit 1984 here, but they at least gave 007 to the right guy - Anthony from the SCUBA team. Perfect.

    Still the best Adult Sleepaway Camp in the universe. True dat!

    In the Atrium Suite, they've taken all but one of the fish-shaped clothes hooks off the wall. This is a real inconvience. Someone should put them back, please.

    Also at The Palms, they had Shepard's Pie on Saturday night. First time I've had it here. Perfect. Of course, the pulled pork is still not the right cut of meat and the current attempt - jerk pork loin - has the flavor but the wrong texture. Whatever.
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    I think I'd believe Suzi before you!

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    We were there in March and really enjoyed the very large beach and volleyball. They had a brand new volleyball then and it was a nice one. We had one fish left on the wall of our PBFS and it was epoxied to the wall and wonít be taken down anytime soon. We always hang our Couples hats on these. Some changes are for the better. Some arenít. Time will tell.
    Have a great time.

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    21 times, HOLY COW!! That's awesome. Going for our first time in 17 days!

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