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Thread: CSS Sports Bar?

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    Default CSS Sports Bar?

    We are heading to CSS in four days, amidst March madness. Is there a spot to catch the basketball games at CSS? Go MSU!!

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    You could catch the games in the game/computer room just off of the Lobby area or in your room, but hopefully you would rather enjoy the beautiful resort while you're there instead...

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    Hi Midnight Cocktails,
    There is not a specific Sports Bar at CSS. But you can create your own party in your suite! Since CSS has ESPN, just get back to your room in time for the tip off--make sure your mini bar is fully stocked and order lots of appetizers from room service!!!!!!!!!!

    My hubby is a Jayhawks fan!!!!

    Have a great trip!

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    Watching MSU play in the tournament was a part of our wedding day & has become tradition for our anniversaries(Thanks Izzo!). We had blast at CSA, we walked down the beach to Margaritaville to catch the game! There was actually a huge group there for the same purpose & it was so much fun! We'll see how Thu night's game goes...but hope to have a fun spot to catch it at CSS! No worries!!

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    Hi Midnight Cocktails,
    There is a Margaritaville in Ochi if you and your hubby want to watch the game there! Guest Services can arrange a taxi for you.

    One Love,

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    I am a Sparty too but your issue is now moot of course. Boo Hoo.

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    Oh well....darn Louisville! No worries now! We are packed and ready to go!!! I need to get to bed as we leave in 5 hrs for the airport!!! I can't believe it's here! Irie is upon us! One Love!

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    Maybe you can watch Ohio State play since they made it to the Final Four and only Big Ten team left. LOL

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