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    Default Please set the mind at rest or not URGENT

    Please can someone from the UK who has recently returned from Couples to the UK set my son and his fiance 's mind at rest about a couple of issues.
    Do you really need vaccinations?
    Is there any alert out for vaccinations?
    I have never had any in 6 trips, but they just need reassurance anyway it is too late now they will be at CTI 3 April for the honeymoon
    I know there are websites to visit but from the "horses mouth" would be better
    They are getting in a right pickle (wedding nerves i think) but please someone set their minds at rest, they just do not believe me when i say they will have the most wonderful time.
    we have got them dinner on the island for a present.

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    Unless there is a UK requirement, there is no need to worry. We've been going to the island since 1993, and have never suffered a pin prick (other than an intentional tetanus booster) in all those years... by the way... that's something I forgot at my last physical... thanks for the reminder.

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    My wife and I never got special shots to go to Jamaica and we never got sick in either of our trips. Just tell your sone and his bride-to-be to not eat too much fresh fruit and calliloo and they will be fine! Too much fresh fruit and too much calliloo can tend to loosen one up beyond normal. :-)

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    Not sure where they got the idea that they need vaccines, but this is the Caribbean, not Southeast Asia. They do not need vaccines, and to make them more at ease, it is the only place in the Caribbean where we have been able to safely drink the tap water. They will be just fine. Couples is a great honeymoon spot for a reason!

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    Vaccinations are not required for Jamaica. We have been going to Jamaica from the UK every year for many years and just returned in Janaury and have never had or needed vaccinations. Who advised them that vaccinations were necessary? As far as we are aware TB and Typhoid vaccs are needed if you are arriving from some countries where these infections are rife and that does not included the UK.

    Tell them not to worry and they have chosen the perfect honeymoon destination.

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    Thanks for the replies. i will point them in this direction for reassurance, By the way loved "Too much fresh fruit and too much calliloo can tend to loosen one up beyond normal." but what is calliloo?
    I think i can guess but i thought the wording was very funny.
    Still trying to convince hubby to come one last time in June i am going to get the wedding over and then get on his case, he will cave in i just know he will.

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    Calliloo is Jamaican spinach. Its pretty tasty when cooked all the way through, but VERY VERY full of fiber!!

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    [QUOTE=Patty;169469] but what is calliloo?

    If I remember correctly, calliloo is very much like spinach. They would have it every day at the breakfast buffet at the Palms (at CSA).

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    Callaloo reminds me of several spinach dishes that we have in the US. However, here's a link to the wiki defiinition. By the way, Monica and I love the callaloo at CSA.

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    Jamaica does not require vaccinations for persons immigrating into the country UNLESS they are from or have visited certain countries/continents in the six weeks preceding their Jamaican immigration. Those areas include Asia, Africa, Central and South America, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Trinidad & Tobago. If one is from or has visited such an area prior to immigrating to Jamaica, he or she would be required to present proof of having received a yellow fever vaccination in order to be granted admission into Jamaica.
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