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    Default Noise Level E Block - CSS

    In only 389 days, we will be off to CSS to enjoy our 3rd trip to Couples. We've previously stayed at CSA and we are looking forward to staying at another Couples property. We've booked the penthouse suite and I'm just curious about the noise level in E block. From what I've read, it's not uncommon to hear the nightly entertainment. I'm just wondering what time the nightly entertainment ends.

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    Hi Heather,
    We have stayed in PH Suite E-12 the Frangipani Suite. The view is amazing--open ocean over the Mineral Pool and gym-- and you are also right next door to the terrace for the Balloon Bar. Hubby and I danced many the night away on our balcony!!!! The entertainment was usually over around 11pm, but then the singalong would kick into high gear. I must admit long afternoons in the sunshine, coupled with many rum punches made it very easy for me to fall asleep even with the merriment from the Balloon Bar!!!

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    We were in E Block last August. E-10 Penthouse Suite. We could hear the music from the Ballon Bar when we were out on the balcony. Was kinda nice to sit out there and listen to it while relaxing for the evening. If you went inside and shut the sliding door and the TV was on then you really couldn't hear it that well. Wasn't like the two were competing with eachother. Seems like they quit playing between 10:00 and 10:30. No worries.

    Have a wonderful and safe trip.

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    We stayed twice in E block, the top floor penthouse (I think E12) . We had no problems because we were at the activity every night contributing to the noise generation. 2 of the 7 nights the activies is at the beach level of the resort, and the other 5 nights its outside the balloon bar. I believe the bands are done between 10 to 11 pm (didnt bring a watch). After that its the piano in the balloon bar. We love to close down the resort every night. We go back to CSS June 24. Ire!!!!!

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    We stayed in the E Block penthouse once. As was mentioned previously, it was nice to sit on the balcony and enjoy the entertainment. The scheduled entertainment usually ended at 10:30-11:00. The nice thing is the bedroom is on the back side of the suite (opposite the ocean) so going to sleep was not a problem.

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    Thanks for all of your replies......Now can someone help me get through the next 386 days???? I don't think I stand waiting for our trip to CSS in April of 2013!!!

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    When we stayed in E12, Penthouse Suite, our bedroom was next to the Balloon Bar.....but as I said before after a day by the pool at SSB and rum punches, I didn't really notice any "noise." :-)

    One Love,

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    Hi. We were in the Frangipani Suite next to the bar on our first trip. We are not night people and we found it very noisy. Often the people in the bar stayed up past midnight. If you stay up late this is not a problem but if you are early to bed and early to rise, this is not the block for you.
    Having said that, the view was amazing so we put up with the noise and did not ask to be moved. We did enjoy the nights when the party was at the AN beach.
    Giving an honest opinion.

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