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    Default Vacation #1 down, 9 months and 4 days til Couples

    My husband and I just got back from a week long vacation with my parents. They were gracious enough to take us on a cruise. While we had a good time, it's just not the same as Couples. I missed the all-inclusiveness. I missed the lazy days on the beach. I missed the friendliness of the guests. I told my husband tonight that Couples is my relaxing vacation, and cruising is my adventure vacation. For the last 2 years we've been on the "every-9-month" vacation cycle and I'm loving it! We were at CSA in Sept 2010 and fell in love. Now we're booked at CTI for Christmas this year. Part of me is nervous that we won't like it as much as CSA. I've noticed from stalking this message board that people tend to fall in love with the first Couple's resort they visit. I know the beach isn't going to be as fabulous as 7 Mile Beach, but it's Jamiaca in December. How could you not love it? Hopefully we won't be disappointed.

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    I totally agree with your take on the cruise! We did a cruise for our honeymoon and it just wasn't the same! Honestly, the only other couples we really interacted with, with the couples at our assigned dining table. And again, honestly, I don't really like that set up. I much more enjoyed our 2nd half at Universal when I had hubby all to myself at dinner...

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    Been on 2 cruises. Been to Couples Negril 4 times. After that, I have been on 2 cruises too many. Couples beats a cruise hands down in my book, but I don't like the herded cattle feel of a cruise so that is probably why. I do want to do one more cruise, through the Panama Canal, and I will be finished with them. Trying to figure out how to do the cruise and Couples in the same year though is tough.

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    We'll be at CTI for a few days at Christmas. We love CTI. We have done all four of the couples Resorts but CTI is our favorite. We will be there for 2 weeks in October and back for 4 days at Christmas. See you there.

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