Figured I would start a support group for us "junkies".

Hi, my name is Lloyd and my wife is Gillian and we are Couples Junkies. ( you say `hi Lloyd and Gillian`). We have been sober now for 5 and a half months. Yes thank you for applauding. It all started last year when we were planning our honeymoon and decided CSS was the place to go. We heard lots of great things about Couples and thought what harm could come from such a beautiful place. We were wrong. it started innocently when we arrived and got a big "welcome home" and as each day passed with all the splendor of CSS, we quickly became addicted. Sandy beaches, great food, being spoiled, great people, and so much more. It was a sad day when we had to leave. Since then it has been a nightmare. Everyday is spent thinking of Jamaica and Couples. The craving of being there has consumed us and we feel lost. Our kids think we need help. Our friends think we are nuts but we just can't shake the need to be there. The cravings get worse and worse each day. I am sad to say that we broke down a month ago and booked our return for October 2012, hoping that it may settle our desires, but it only made things worse. I now am counting down the long long days before we get there. Every time we hear reggae music or see a sandy beach, even on TV, we melt inside, our hearts race out of control, we get all dizzy, and we get an overwhelming desire to strip down to our birthday suits and lay on a lounge chair. Addiction is an evil monster that is very hard to handle. Maybe after our next trip, we may be able to get back to normal, and the cravings will be gone. Hopefully....
I invite all the `junkies`to stand up and post so that we have the knowledge that we are not alone in our battle with Couples addiction.
Thank you for listening.