I've been to Jamaica 3 times. This was my 2nd stay at CSA. In fact, this is the 1st time I've stayed anywhere a 2nd time. I go lots of places lots of times but never end up at the same hotel, rental house, resort etc twice. No real reason, just looking for something different. However, CSA covers everything and more so I have no reason to look for anything else. I'm already planning my 3rd trip to Couples and may consider CN just to check it out but I'm going to have to do a split visit because I can't get enough of CSA!

The staff was super friendly my first time there and I left feeling very satisfied with everything. This trip? I felt like the staff became close personal friends! I had such a long list of names to thank by the end of the stay I'm pretty sure I left some off the list (which I feel really bad about but I was sure to say how great everyone was s in my survey). And overall CSA exceeded my expectations even though I already knew what to expect! Everyone here already knows Couples is great and recognizes how hard they work at making it great - I didn't think it were possible to get any better but they sure seemed to be working harder and things definitely were better this time around!

I haven't reviewed my pix yet but I'll share them when I do. They should answer any doubts anyone has about having a good room, good beach, good ocean etc. Seriously, ignore the negative reviews you may find out there. "You can't please all the people all the time" is a very true statement. Was our stay perfect? Of course not. Was there anything "bad" worth mentioning? NO! Little tiny things that *could* ruin a trip IF you let them but they were so tiny only a person with a negative personality or someone looking for a reason to be unhappy would keep them in memory.

I adore the people-staff and guests alike. They are so happy and so friendly...on and off the resort. I really can't figure out how people can be unhappy while there?! And it carries over! I will have the "ya mon, no problem" attitude for a couple weeks!!

Let me know if you have any questions. I also got married on this trip so if you have questions about how all that works-ask away! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding!! I could also easily continue talking about my trip and my experience but it's better for me to say things were as close to perfect as one could expect from a resort trying to please thousands of people from all over the globe at the same time. I love CSA and can't wait to get back!!