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    Default CSA?.... What is the best OFF-site restaurant near CSA????

    Anyone have any ideas on restaurants off site.. I would like to treat my friends one night. We are at CSA for 14 nights so one nights off site would be good.. 11 days and counting

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    I'd suggest you take them to one of the restaurants on the cliffs. My favorite at the moment is Ivans at Catcha Falling Star for the food , view and atmosphere. Rockhouse is another good choice. I "think" they both will pick you up for free but you'd have to pay for the ride back to CSA. There are a lot more great places to eat on the cliffs but those are my top 2 for a special night out. If you want to stay on the beach Kuyaba would be a good choice. You'd want to take a taxi there also. It's walkable but it would be a pretty long walk for dinner.

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    Default The Rock House Restaurant

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    The Rock House.......hands down
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    I would try the Rockhouse.

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    We ate at Ivan's at Catcha Falling Star when we were there last October. Very good meal, great service and a view that simply cannot be beat.
    If you leave CSA between 5-7pm, Ivan's will send a car for you.

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    I know trip advisor can be unreliable in some areas by people posting false reviews, but I have always found them to be very reliable with restaurants. If you search for restaurants in Negril, you will not only find lots of reviews, but also lots of pics of the place and food there. I usually base my choices ona place with a high number of stars that also has tons of reviews. That being said, I've always heard great things about The Rockhouse. 3 Dives is at the top of the list for my next visit, but it is pretty low key from any kind of fancy standpoint.

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    Cosmos Negril Tree House for casual, both within walking distance.

    There are some high end restaurants on the cliffs, like the Caves and Xtabi

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    Ooo I want to know too

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    Thanks folks. Ivan's and Rockhouse it is.. I'll post here when we have been.... 8 days and counting.

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    Pushcart at Rockhouse has awesome food, as does Cosmo's, which you can walk to in 5 mins from CSA. If they have the Sunset Bar Shuttle at CSA, you will get a free ride to Pushcart. The curried goat and curried lobster at Cosmo's is phenomenal, as are the ackee patties (appetizer) at Pushcart.

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    a friend of mine recommended The Push Cart and The Pickled Parrot if we decide to go off resort. I have yet to look for reviews on these but she and her husband frequent Jamaica. this is our first time so i imagine we'll spend all our time on the resort.

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    Easy. Ivan's at Catcha. Hands down. Love, love, love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suburbanmom View Post
    a friend of mine recommended The Push Cart and The Pickled Parrot if we decide to go off resort. I have yet to look for reviews on these but she and her husband frequent Jamaica. this is our first time so i imagine we'll spend all our time on the resort.
    Pushcart is where the Pickled Parrot used to be. It's a different place at the same site.

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    I think most of the restaurants on the cliffs will give you a free ride TO the restaurant if you call and set it up. Getting back is on you. Cabs are easy to get both at CSA and up in the cliffs. CSA and most restaurants will gladly call a cab for you, but the reality in reality they are very easy to get on the street also. If you get one on your own, just make double sure they have RED PLATES.

    Don't even start negotiating till you see the RED LICENSE PLATES on the car you will be riding in.

    Then negotiate the cost and number of people before you even get in. $5 a person is a good daylight tourist rate between the beach and cliffs. At night the rates go a little higher.

    Negotiate your rate and your done ... easy as that. Pay, when you get where you are going. Normally you do not need to tip above your negotiated price. I cab all over Negril when we are there.

    Also, as an alternative for a little more casual "Ricks" like experience without the crowd (and the super-size touristy prices), add LTU Pub to your list. All of the other recommendations in this thread are great choices too. If I were choosing for myself, I would pick Ivan's.

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    Ditto on Ivan. We love it. Last year when we were there for dinner in October we were there at sunset and watched a dolphin swim around.. it was surreal. Love Ivans! Great food, great staff, great drink, great atmosphere. Counting down.. 1 week.. cant wait! Starting to pack this weekend!

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    I wanted to have a nice romantic dinner on our 1st anniversary at either Ivan's or Rockhouse. Which would any of you recommend for this special occasion? From reading opinions, seems like Ivan's has the better food but that RockHouse table is just calling me. That privacy on the cliff looks to be as romantic as it comes.

    I would do a private dinner on the beach at CSA, but they don't offer the dinner on mondays.

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    My vote is also for Ivans. Very romantic!!

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    Just much is a meal at Ivan's for 2 usually?

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