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    Default Garden Deluxe Room at CTI

    Hi everyone,

    I just had a question regarding the garden rooms at CTI. We found out last week we are going to Tower Isle this friday and that we have a garden view room.

    I read a few reviews that said that there were a lot of bugs in the rooms...I can't say I' m looking forward to that. Any of you had an experience in a garden deluxe room?

    Thanks for sharing your story.

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    Never been in a garden room, but know others who have been. As for bugs, I can tell you if you leave food your room or empty drink glasses, you will find ants in your room. Easy fix, take empties back to the bar when you leave. If you have room service, leave your dishes in the hall and someone will be around to get them.

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    We had a wonderful garden view room 1 month ago. No bugs what so ever. We loved it. The view is wonderful with all of the foliage. Enjoy!

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    We've always stayed in the garden room....never any bugs. If you leave sweet drinks out you might attract tiny tiny little ants...that is what I have read. We even hang our wet suits and still nothing. Besides your rarely in your room and there are beautiful views a step away :-) go and have fun!!!!

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