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    Default Question about Mani/Pedi cost

    Hi all,

    My fiance and I are booked for our weddingmoon at CSS. My fiance is looking at getting her nails done for the ceremony. We have looked through the spa brochures, and I have also done some searching on the board looking for an answer to a very simple question she has. My (her) question is this:

    On the spa brochure, it lists the services like this... Manicure/pedicure ......... $30/$45. Does this mean a manicure alone is $35, and a pedicure alone is $45 (making the total for both $75), or does it mean one service of either is $30, or if you get both done it is $45 total for both services?

    We really do try to research our own questions before we ask, so I apologize if the answer is sitting somewhere in plain sight and I missed it during my searching. Thanks in advance to any answers.

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    I do believe it is total of $75. I advise getting the mani/pedi at home with her local nail salon. Get a light color or French/American so she can touch up if needed.
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    Yes you should tip if you get good service. 15-20%.

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    It means $30 for the mani and $45 for the pedi. I personally prefer to get mine done at home and save the time for being on the beach. If she goes to the salon the day before you leave they will be lovely still on the day of the wedding.
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    Yes, definitely get your nails done at home the day before you leave. At CSA they did have the lights/fans like at my salon at home (don't know about CSS), but it does take a while for everything to totally harden, and you don't want to risk sand or anything ruining the look!!

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