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    I live in Louisiana. It's been 80 for the past month now and haven't had a winter since 2010. It got to 50 once though at night and I wore a sweatshirt.

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    in green in appleton and loving it even tho it has cooled a little, only 59 today! excellent for march!!! lovin' it as well!

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    I guess after reading this thread that we Midwesterners love Couples!!! Traverse City, MI and just finished booking CTI for New Year's 2013....12/28-1/5
    274 days and counting
    Weather is pack to colder, cloudier and possible rain/snow mix on Friday.....
    Dreaming of Jamaica and already counting down the days

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    All of you are experiencing a typical north Texas winter--just a few cold days with snow and/or ice, and the rest are usually mid-50's to 70's as it approaches Spring. Last year's snows were most definitely out of the ordinary for us. It may be hot here in the summer, but it's wonderful in the winter!

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    We are in KC and it doesn't matter how hot it is (it was 90 today), it is still better at CSS


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    Okay so Tennessee is a little more south than some of you, but we are already having the three H's! HAZY, HOT & HUMID. We usually have a few warm days, upper 70's low 80" in the spring, we have broken so many records this year for high's I think they have stopped checking. March 2012 was the warmest (hottest) on record. We are still looking forward to the other parts of CSS, other than just the warm weather.

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    Here in south central PA, halfway between York and Gettysburg, weather has been awesome. I cut the grass last night, last in my neighborhood to do this due to mechanical problems. Looks like I will need to cut again next Thursday since we leave Friday the 13th for CSA.
    7 days 16 hours 34 min 48 sec woooooooohooooooooo

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    Finally cut my lawn for the first time this season, and the first time in quite a few months. You know the grass is long when your dog is able to tickle her belly on the grass (small dog, maybe has about 12-14" ground clearance)


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