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    Anyone running the Half or full marathon?

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    Yes I am running the marathon.

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    DMFD have you done this Marathon before ???

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    DMFD, I am running the marathon as well. When are you arriving?

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    Default Marathon

    Hello to all....I am arriving 11/30/2009! We are coming with 8 or 9 other couples. We are then leaving on 12/8/2009. My wife and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding Anniv. on 12/4/2009. Sixth time back. Love it.

    I have never did this marathon before. The hunidity will be the challenging part for me. I have been training in the mid day here in Iowa.

    How about you, have you ran the marathon before and when are you arriving?

    My email is also on facebook
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    We arrive on December 2nd (leaving the west coast of Canada on the 1st). I am going to have to aclimatize to the heat and humidity fairly quickly, so I will be doing a couple of training runs when I get there.

    Cindy isn't running. She plans to be at the finish line to pick me up when I fall down there

    This will be my 6th trip to Negril, but our first stay at Couples Negril. I have run the road in to town many times, but never in a race situation.

    Matt and Cindy

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    this is a good marathon, fast flat, but it is all in the open not much shade,the early start helps but it is already hot and humid at 5:15 am
    last year I did the half and finished 2:27 (yah, I am slow, plus I did not train for it) at 7:30 it was about 80 degrees and humid, the full marathon is also all open and hot, so take water, there are a lot of water stops

    we arrive Dec 3 and leave the 12th, get this run over early in the week, there are shuttles going up and down the course to get you there and get back, I walked back last year , 1.5 miles,
    se you all in December ,,,,,80 days

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    I have not ran this marathon before. Only concern is the humidity. Have you ran it before?

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