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    Default Cancelled 12nite Cruise to go to CTI

    Hi, my husband and I were scheduled to go on a 12nite Cruise while visiting 5 Ports the 1st wk in Nov. I had always been reluctant to go on a Cruise and felt some kinda way about leaving my cat and home alone for 12nites. We have since booked a trip to CTI the wk of Columbus Day in Oct (for 6days) as this is Peak of Hurricane Season. Please tell me we have nothing to worry about. Thx!

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    This will be our 6th trip in Oct in as many years. You'll see rain, but it is the tropics after all. Most days is just a quick afternoon soak. <--Good site for ya.

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    No way a cruise can beat a Couples vacay! We've always gone during hurricane season. Just buy trip insurance! No prob!

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    now you be able to relax instead of constantly running around the ports to grab all the sites!

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    We have spent more than 20 Octobers at CTI. And while there was some rain from time to time, which by the way, happens throughout the year, most of the days were sunny and great. In 2004 we arrived about two days after Hurricane Ivan. There was quite a bit of damage. To the resort, they lost some rooms in the main building, beach erosion, and downed trees and stuff everywhere. There were more guests helping to clean up then there were staff. It was a wonderful experience.
    The saying in Jamaica is: A bad day in Jamaica is better than a good day at home.

    Fret not. Go and discover!


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    A cruise doesn't compare to a vacation at Couples. We went on a cruise for an extended family get-together, and we kept comparing it to our Couples vacations. Cruises are very regimented; you eat at a designated time and are shuttled about with large groups of people. At Couples, you can eat when you want (although some of the restaurants do require reservations) and you can do what you want when you want. You're not making a mistake.

    By the way, I understand about not wanting to leave your pets alone. I have a 13-year-old English cocker spaniel named Dasher and a 12-year-old American cocker spaniel named Rudy. I love them dearly, and as much as I love getting away with my husband, I worry about my boys when we're away.

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    We'll see you there. Coming home to CTI Oct 3 - 17th. Make sure you get insurance that covers cancelation for any reason (not that we've ever had to cancel). You will see some rain, but it's like that all year round. We always go at the same time every year and it varies. You will have a great time and you will wish you had booked for longer.

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    Trust me, you will NOT be sorry. We went on a cruise before discovering Couples and I HATED it!! Everything was scheduled and I felt like I had to punch a clock when I left for tours. The food tasted the same after the first three days, and the room wasn't any bigger than a walk in closet. Thank God we found Couples

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    Ditto what Lew said!!
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    You have made the right decision. We spent 5 years cruising before we found Couples. Now there is no way that I will ever go back to cruising. Couples is the greatest!

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