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    Default CTI Febuary 2010

    Hello Everyone! So, who will be returning back to CTI for another annual Valentines trip! I cannot wait! Now starting to think well ,it won't be so far away now. The air is getting colder, school starting, countdown clock headed to the double digits. I cannot wait to see the renovations, from the pictures it looks Fab! Some comments about the couch will have toi wait and see it to decide, maybe another couch mission. Who remembers the 'mexican hat couch adventure'. See you all very soon!

    Heather & Ron

    Here's to INWSD 2/2010

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    We are not returning, it will be out first trip to couples. But we will be there the week of valentines, very excited to go, hope to see you there.

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    Hi Island Bliss & Captain Ron !!!!!!!!!!!! Bob & Sharon returning on 2/11. Still in for INWSD !!! Absolutely. Looking forward to seeing everyone !!!! Bob

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    Hello MIke & Kami! Welcome to the couples family. Once you go you know.. See you there for Valentines.. We are there 2/11 through 2/18, can't wait..

    Bob & Sharon INWSD is 2/17 see you on the island for INWSD's 3rd annual year.. Can't wait.

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    OK what is INWSD? We are first time couples tower isle folks arriving 2/12/10 and leaving 2/17/09 and looking forward to a few days of relaxation in what seems to be a great vacation spot. Bill & Jo-Ann

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    Hi Billb, INWSD stands for International Nude Water Skiing Day. Hope to see you there !!! We have to talk to Heather about rescheduling the date. We leave for CN on the 17th. Bob

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    Hey Bob just returned from CTI, and the new look is stunning I think. While we were there, we had some very good off-season training for INWSD! See you in 40 days.. International Naked Water Ski Day = INWSD! >> See you in Feb....2/17 every year..

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    We are leaving on the 17th but maybe we will be there for the time trials?!
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    I think you can definately do some trials Billb603 before you leave on the 17th..

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    Heather, I just posted a new message on the meet up at CTI board about the Valentines crowd and the staff party. Bob and Sharon I think I forgot you names - sorry.

    PS: AJ told me you both passed your certification dives. Congrats and we'll be diving in Feb.

    Fred and Cynthia

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    I saw the msg about the staff party, looking forward to it. Have to see what I can bring, have been looking, good sales around now. Yes we got certified, Collin was wonderful, and we are looking forward to diving daily in Feb. You got the camera, so you can take the pics.... Grin!

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    You guys stink Bliss! Tell Capt Ron that Michelle and I are gonna hide in your bags or go too. We don't need a room, we'll just sleep on the island. Have a great trip, til next time...


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    Rock on, Brandon & Michelle!

    You can hide under our bed LOL if you want...

    Yeah, were gonna ROCK the island... gonna miss you 2 tho, had a GREAT time in December

    But, like Ann & Martin would say "We'll have a bloody good time'

    Be there in 13...
    -The Captain
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    All I can say is I better get some e-mails from all of you once you get back state side. We sure are going to miss being there.
    Of course all the snow and freezing temps here make us want to just go out and jump in the pool. Now that would be hard water.

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    You will Kevin, definitely. Now maybe next time you will listen to me and book early. I already have booked for next Feb 11. Good prices and 500$ resort credit, can't beat that. Do it..

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    Default 7 day shuffle!


    7 days, 6 hours, 55 minutes but whos counting besides bliss and i

    Looking forward to seeing you all again, as well as meeting all the new people ... and then painting them!

    were gonna have a great time folks... so hang on, find your exit buddy, and remember to have fun!

    -The Captain

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