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    We started at CSA and loved it. Then tried CN and loved it even more. We just flip-flop between the two but would have to say that CN is our favorite. If CN would have the atrium rooms and Sea Grapes then we'd probably never go back to CSA again. We are totally beach people and by far- bar-none CN has thee best beach!

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    I loved reading all your replies about your favorites. I too have been to CN and absolutely loved it. Now, I am thinking of trying CSA. Something about that is calling me to try it, and I've been afraid that I won't like it as much as CN. After reading everyone's experiences I am excited to give it a try. Already booked CN for 2012, so booked CSA for 2113. Can't wait!

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    We loved our first two trips to CN. But our third trip was to CTI and it immediately felt like home. We've done two Trading Places day to CSS and it just don't do it for us, although SSB is really nice. If we ever make it back to Negril we'll either stay at CSA or at least to a Trading Places day so we can finally say we've been to all four. But I have a sneaking suspicion that CTI will always be our true home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lissyray View Post
    We say the same thing about CN's beach with CSS' grounds!
    Agree 100% This would be pure perfection! Would have to have Pierre & Staff.....

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    My wife and I went to Tower Isle for the first time to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We fell in love with everything and went back for the next three years. We went a few more times over the next several years when money and schedule allowed, The one year they were closed for the major renovations we decided to try San Souci. We fell in love again with our new Jamaican home and with each other. We still love Tower Isle but San Souci is our choice now. I am sure someday (God willing) we will fall in love with Negril and Swept Away. Can't wait till February 2013 when we return to our home in Jamaica, SAN SOUCI.

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    We're getting ready for our third trip to CSA in May and we just love it! We've visited CN on trading places but it was not for us. Like Caviargal said - if we can give up the beach, I would really love to try CSS - it looks so completely different than CSA but the pics are still just as gorgeous. Maybe one day....

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    Was married at CN in 2006, and absolutely fell in love. Returned in 2008, and the experience was not quite the same, so we tried CTI in 2010. The people at CTI were just absolutely amazing, but I missed the atmosphere at CN, the beautiful beach, the dive team, the restaurants, the we're returning to CN in 30 days!

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    We went to CTI when it was Tower Isle Hotel in 1970. We went back for a second trip in 1973. Afterwards we tied many other Caribbean islands, including hotels and resorts. We went back to Tower Isle in 1978 when it became Couples Ocho Rios. We have been to CN 12 times and loved it. We have been to CSS while Couples Ocho Rios was being renovated in order to have our Couples Resorts Annual Charity Golf Tournament. We have been to CSA for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. In May we will be at CTI for 77 visit. Need I say more.

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    Our first trip was to CTI before the major renovation and loved the Couples vibe, the small beach not so much. Our travel agent told us that we need to try one of the Negril resorts for the beaches. Well we booked Swept Away and wow we just loved it. We've been back once and even brought another couple with us. We're planning our next trip for this December and our travel agent wants us to try new places. I'm finding it hard to book another island when I know Swept Away is our home. That's when you know that you're in love, when just thinking about leaving makes you feel sad.

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    We first stayed at CN and fell in love with it. No trip to Jamaica is complete without at least a week at CN. We stayed at CSS and liked it a lot. We did a trading places to CSA and didn't really like it much. Then we tried CTI and hated it so much we went back to CN after two days there. We will probably go back to CSS some day, but for the next few years anyway, Couples Negil is the only place for us!
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    To date, Phyllis and I have been to Couples 11 times. CN and CSS are our favorites. Kudos to Karen Lanigan and Pierre Battaglia and their staffs, they have always given us a fabulous vacation.

    We have stayed at 3 of the 4 Couples resorts (CTI, CN, CSS), and did a day pass to CSA the 4th. While all 4 Couples resort are nice, CN and CSS are special to us. CSS has a more romantic feel with all the hills and vegetation, CN has a better beach and easier to sail the harbor. CSS has the piano being played at Casanova for a Romantic dinner, while CN –Piano bar by Paul Tucker is just outstanding. The staffs of both resorts are wonderful, as are the Chefs. From Breakfast to dinner, to a midnight snack, you will not want for a better meal. If the budget permits, we take two vacations a year, and we try to do one resort in the summer usually CSS and the other CN in the winter. If all goes as planned we will be at CSS again in June and CN in December. But we will be mixing that up in 2013. We often refer to those two resorts as our two favorite flavors of ice cream. You love them both, but can’t decide which one you like best.

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    We stayed at CTI in 1998 when it was the only Couples Resort. We thought it was okay but weren't planning to return. When plans fell through to visit Grand Cayman the following year, we decided to try the newly-opened CN and loved it. We've returned every year. Since then, we've stayed at all four of the resorts, including a return trip to CTI after the renovations, but CN remains our favorite.
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    I would say yes. Our first was Swept Away, we got CSS for a trading places trip and while a very nice resort, we have trip #5 booked to CSA. Love that beach!

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    Hmmmmm.....I plan to visit all 4 before making a decision! We went to CN first, loved it, but decided to try CSA after our trading places visit. We loved CSA too, and have now decided to try CSS next year.
    Researching the answer to this question will be a lot of fun!
    Jan and Mark
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    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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