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    Default Is your first couples resort your favorite?

    Who has loved their first resort and then fell in love with another one after staying at it? Which resort was your first love and which resort became your new home and what made you like it better?

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    Me! We first went to CN and loved it. Went back a 2nd time and it didn't live up to expectations. The next year we did CSS and loved it. Went back the next year and STILL loved it. We like the layout, the privacy, no adjacent resorts, room service, all suites, and the entertainment staff over CN. The food is great everywhere.
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    Our first resort was CN which we liked but I cannot say I LOVED it. I think it was because we had a garden view room up against the road. The road noise was something I found unsettling since we live on a small farm in the middle of no where.

    We then went to CTI and simply fell in LOVE! However we were upgraded to a full one bedroom suite. We walked around for the first 30 minutes just saying WOW! WOW! WOW! The COLORS of CTI are what made it for me. I am all about color and texture in decor. When they remodeled CTI the decorators went with amazing shades of azure blues and seafoam greens against a completely WHITE canvas then sprinkled just enough deep black & crystal to make it sophisticated.

    This August we are going back to CN for 5 nights and CSA for 7 nights. We have booked a Beachfront Suite at CN and a Ocean Front Verandah Suite at CSA.

    We are just at a point in our lives where we find it DOES matter about the room. Back in our younger days we could not have cared less about a room or its location. I think it is ironic how we have changed in our likes/wants/needs in the past 10 years!

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    CSA was our first love and also was the first resort we visited. Since then we have stayed at the other three. CTI is our #1, CN #2, CSS #3 and CSA #4. The island makes CTI our favorite.

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    Nope. It was the third. First was CTI, then CSS and finally CN. The beach at CN is so amazing. Service at all was great, but the beach is what did it for us. We have returned 4 times.

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    We went to CTI first and it is not our favorite... nothing wrong with it, just CSS seems to be more our style.

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    Our first trip was to CTI, back then it was COR. We loved it but wanted to try other islands. After a couple of years we discovered that not one of them compaired to Couples! We would sit at the other resorts and talked about how much better Couples was and we should have gone back to Couples.
    When we returned to Couples 7 years ago they had just purchased CSS. Our TA had raved about CSS before Couples had purchased it and we knew it could only be better now. We were not disapointed!
    We are beach people so the next yeay we tried CN. What a beach!
    We went back to CTI after the up grade but we did not find it to be as nice as before the up grade,
    We now switch between CN for the beach, the way the resort is set up, the main pool is a focal point and the cat cruise.
    If we were to say we have a home it would have to be CSS.
    The resort is beautyful, the food is the best, the rooms are nicer and you have in doom dinning in all the rooms. You know for those nights you have over done it during the day and you just want to chill and sit on your balconey and have dinner and watch the sun set.
    We leave for CSS in 24 days and can't wait to get home!
    Phinns up

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    CTI was our first- it was COR when we used to visit. First Visit to COR was 1984, went back in 1985 and we were married there in '85 so it was very special to us. We returned to COR again in 2000 and 2001. We always enjoyed our vacays at COR - absolutely loved it. We went to many other resorts both in Jamaica and other islands in the interim..... Then we went to CN in November 2004 and the rest is history LOL... We just absolutely fell head over heels in love with CN - for us it's simply Paradise - we love love love the beach, love the people, love the other guests, love the food and the restaurants and the grill, love the drinks, love the entertainment, love the layout ... we just LOVE CN !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasandpeg View Post
    Who has loved their first resort and then fell in love with another one after staying at it? Which resort was your first love and which resort became your new home and what made you like it better?
    Not always, we started out at CN in 2005, we went in January and again in July, then back the next year in April, decided that was the best time of year to go and that CN was the best. We continued going back to CN every April until 2008. Friends helped to talk us into trying CSS! Well the rest as they say is history. We did decide to try CTI the year it re-opened, but when we arrived they just were not ready to be open, our room was not available and we were asked to take a down grade to switch to CSS, yay us. Except for 2010 we have been to CSS every year since. Last year we had to change our time to May and had wonderful weather for the whole week, so it's May again this year. Can't wait, down to double digit dance!

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    Great question...this is something I've wondered myself.

    Our first was CN...and we've been back 3 times. We've been to CSA and just last week we returned from CSS. CSS was very, very special. It will take a return trip to see if they've won out over CN.

    The beach is the best in the world at CN. But SSB...what an amazing experience. The best people ever! And the tropical grounds at CSS are second to none.

    What a dilemma! CSS will be next for us, I don't know if we'll really be able to choose. Two home away from homes it may be for us!

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    Great post.
    CSA was the first resort we had been to and that is our favorite. In 2010 we were booked at CSA, but tropical storm Nicole flooded CSA and we were diverted to CTI. We had only been to CSA once and we were looking forward to being there again. Those 2 resorts are like night and day to me. To me, CSA is paradise. We are going back in 2013. I dream of this place every night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasandpeg View Post
    Who has loved their first resort and then fell in love with another one after staying at it? Which resort was your first love and which resort became your new home and what made you like it better?
    Our first trip to a Couples resort was to CN. We loved it. Everything was perfect and we planned to go back when we could. Our next trip was to the family resort right next door to CSA. Once we saw CSA we knew it was what we had been looking for. We have been to CSA 10x's since then. In a couple of weeks we are going back and doing a split between CN and CSA.
    Both places are beautiful and have a special place in my heart.

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    Went to CSA on our first Couples trip & loved it but the next year, tried CN & LOVED it way more, went again to CN & still LOVED it, a third time to CN & still LOVED it, then did the SR & got CSS, it was OK but no love felt, back to CN for trip #4 & #5 with #6 booked ....... CN is definitely our home, no doubts there.

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    We went to CN first and then CSS. We liked CN but fell in love with CSS. CSS is so much smaller, more intimate and more romantic. Plus the views are to die for!

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    I think it is important if that first Couples Resort was also your first all inclusive island get away or if it was for a very special reason. Our first was CSS and we were married there. I thought it was so very romantic and intimate. Hardly even noticed all the stairs but then again I was in a great mood preparing for my wedding. The wedding gazebo hanging out over the cliff with the waves lapping all around. The private tree covered stone walkway leading up to it. Such a romantic setting. After three trips to CSS we tried CSA and are now headed back there for the third time. I am more of a beach person than a pool person so CSA wins out hands down there. Still...I have that first love for CSS.

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    We went to CTI back in 1995 when it was COR. We loved it. And what made it even more fantastic was that Syl was teaching tennis there and all we had to pay was airfare. She taught there 4-5 more times and by that time we had been hooked. The she said she didn't want to teach any more because it wasn't as much of a vacation for her because of the work she had to do during the day. No problem. Somehow, with my parents helping out, we went there just as guests and never looked back.
    We did stay at CSS once while CTI was undergoing the renovation. It was really nice and we loved SSB, but we just couldn't wait to get back to our first love. Next month will be our 33 visit to CTI. No question about it. That's our resort of choice.

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    Love this post! Our first trip was to CSA last October for our honeymoon. I had literally been having dreams about going back. We just booked our next trip this October for our anniversary and we are going back to CSA. We are going to do a trading places to CN to check out the vibe to see if it's something we would like to try time (whenever that may be). Part of me wonders if we should have tried CN this time....but we just loved CSA so much, we didn't want to be disappointed if it didn't live up to what we loved in CSA?! Either way - so excited to go back to paradise....195 days.....

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    We tried CN for our 25th in 06, returned in 07, but CSS was calling me. Talked a group of friends into giving it a try in 08 and LOVED it!!!! Returned in 10, but now I am missing CN so we plan to return there in 2013.

    I love 2 Couples Resorts for very different reasons. We visited both CSA and CTI but our hearts remain at CN & CSS (I can flip a coin any day of the week to say which I love more).

    I love the beach at CN, Otaheite, and the Pool, but I love the fact that every room at CSS has a view of the ocean, the one bedroom ocean suites with the huge balcony are to die for, the spa huts on the cliffs, and the sheer beauty of the resort are to die for.

    Lychee and the Treehouse were built after we were at CN last so can't wait to check them both out.

    Yep it is possible to be in love with more than one!!!!!!!

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    We went to CTI (COR at the time) in 2004 and were married there. Loved it and had a blast.
    Went to CSA in 2005 and fell in love with CSA. Went to CSS a year or so later and fell in love again. We have been to CSS twice, CTI twice and CSA 6 or 7 times. Can you tell CSA is our favorite?
    We like the beach activity and being able to walk the beach, go to bars or shops as we like. I like watching all the vendors and people walking by. The Martini bar before dinner each night, Ultimate at the piano bar, the romantic walkways. CSA is home.

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    Great question. We're now on our second rotation of the resorts and each is so different that is't hard to choose which we like best.

    What I can say is that each of them has things we love that are unique to that location. CTI has the island, CSS has beautiful views from the cliffs, CN has a great beach, and CSA the wonderful fitness complex. If I could build a resort from scratch, I would include things from all of these.

    Each time we visit, I'm just so happy to be there that whichever location we're at, it's the best!

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    Yes, CN, 3 times, and maybe the only one we will ever see. Still debating that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lissyray View Post
    We went to CN first and then CSS. We liked CN but fell in love with CSS. CSS is so much smaller, more intimate and more romantic. Plus the views are to die for!
    We did the same! Went to CN twice and loved it. Then we got engaged and knew we wanted to get married in Jamaica at a Couples resort. I just wasn't into the options at CN and when I saw the Gazebo at CSS I knew that was where I wanted to marry my best friend. He wasn't as sold as I was before we got there then the day after we arrived he thanked me for picking CSS! We really do love it but we also love CN for the beach strolls and the pool. We leave for CSS for our third visit in 26 sleeps but we are seriously considering CN next year just for a change of pace. We visited CSA once while at CN but I don't like the public beach aspect as much. We're going to visit CTI on this trip so who knows....

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    we started at CSA and loved it. followed it up w/a trip to CN and didn't like it as much as CSA (wife was sick, not because of Couples, so that sort of tainted the trip). third visit was to CSS and loved it as well. If we could have CSA's beach with CSS' grounds, that would be perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandonesha View Post
    If we could have CSA's beach with CSS' grounds, that would be perfect.
    We say the same thing about CN's beach with CSS' grounds!

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    I started at Swept Away before it was a Couples and it was love at first stay. We have been 7 times total. Have also recently checked out CN and we enjoyed it but CSA has more to offer for us in terms of dining, night life and sports complex.

    I did prefer CSA before the expansion but it is still a favorite.

    I stayed at CSS many years ago and found it charming and romantic - may give it another try one day if I can tear myself away from the beach.

    We also like the Negril resorts because we can fly to them and that is not as practical or reasonable for the Ochi resorts.

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