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    Default Booking a CN private sunset cat cruise is it possible?

    I would like to surprise my wife with a private sunset cat cruise at CN. Has anybody done this? How long is the ride? what does it cost? Any info you could give would be great!


    April 4-14

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    I think you have to wait until you get to the resort to book this. You will need to go to tour desk. Your also could use the "Contact US" on the left hand side on the Couples home page and email the resort your question.

    CN does included a Catamaran Cruise at no extra charge.
    Irie Mon

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    You won't get a PRIVATE catamaran cruise. You'll have to share it with a bunch of other family members.

    You book your sunset catamaran cruise the day of the cruise at the activity hut. This is a FREE service provided by Couples.

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    I don't think there is a private cat cruise, but you can have a private sunset cruise booking on the dive boat. Contact Guest Relations at CN.

    The cruise leaves just a bit before sunset and includes drinks and small tray of appetizers for 2. The boat takes you around the point and down toward 7 Mile beach. We were able to sit just off Rick's and watch the cliff divers and then watched the sunset on the way back to Couples.

    I did this for my husband and we really enjoyed it. I think the cost was $250. W would do it again!

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